In The Tall Grass: 2019 Film Review

*spoiler alert* In the Tall Grass is the 2019 Netflix Original adaptation of 2012 book by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill, where in this adaptation, a large field of grass is able to adapt and manipulate time and space to cause chaos and destruction to anybody who is lured into it. Cal (Avery Whitted) and pregnant Becky(Laysla De Oliveira) are the first victims in the film who are lured in by the shouting of Tobin (Will Buie Jr.) a young boy who was lured in himself with his mum, dad and dog. Throw into the mix Travis (Harrison Gilbertson) Becky’s unborn babies Father

who came to find the missing duo after had been missing for two months and still manages to have arrived before the brother and sister even become missing. Figure that one out. The brain of the field centre’s around a large ancient rock which has the power to take over anybody who touches it like Tobin’s Dad (Patrick Wilson) who spends the entire film either trying to convince the characters to touch the rock to join him on his evil ventures or spectacularly murdering them.

What I thought?

*definitely Spoilers* I’ve been trying to watch this film for a couple of days but haven’t had the time and concentration which I rightly suspected was needed from the beginning. Even though In the tall grass is riddled with time loops and character cross-overs, surprisingly I found it rather easy to follow yet still thought provoking and enjoyable to talk about the theories after. Rico and myself went to bed after talking about the ending and twists and turns and still managed to have ‘wait, what’ moments even after the film was over. There were a couple of moments which didn’t make much sense whilst watching like the fact that Tobin had touched the rock yet in the film he never does but towards the end when all of the different bodies of travis and Cal were stacked near to their demises realised that they were all different versions of themselves and not the same person over and over again. So, I guess it was more like alternative universes running consecutively as opposed to just one big loop of the same people. Although the comment that Tobin’s dad made about not worrying about Tobin’s mother dying as it’s only flesh and blood could have insinuated that their bodies are remade and spirits are put into the new versions. I think it’s interpretational but my god it’s complex. Where’s Doctor who and his Tardis when you need him.

The only part which I hated hated was the whole eating the baby part. Not for me, I don’t know whether it’s my maternal instinct as having two babies myself or just being a normal human but I found that part almost unwatchable. I found mother the worst film in the world due to the exact same storyline and it gave me nightmares for at least a couple of nights. I found it unnecessary but I guess that’s Stephen King’s style so can’t really hold that against the film.

My rating

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Rico’s Rating

Rating: 6 out of 10.

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