The Psychopath Test- By Jon Ronson Book Review

Usually a book like The Psychopath Test By Jon Ronson would not be the the kind of book that i would go for. I am all post apocalyptic futures and bloody limbs being thrown about but thought I’d give it a go when it was recommended to me by a family member. I love the concepts of psychopaths and sociopaths and find the idea of somebodies entire personality being written out for them extremely interesting.

As soon as I started reading the book I was impressed at the sheer amount of detail that was just crammed into each sentence. As a dyslexic, my usual reading style is read a couple of words, skip a few words then read a few more. Then completely scrap the whole sentence because I have no idea what is going on and start again which has caused me to throw many a book down in frustration. In this case I found it actually helped me read and couldn’t put it down.

The Book follows Jon meeting a number of experts and potential psychopaths to learn the basis of what actually is a psychopath. As well as being crammed full of really interesting facts and knowledge it also follows the story of a number of potential psychopaths including Tony who had decided to ‘pretend’ to be a psychopath to convince the courts that he couldn’t serve a prison sentence and ended up in broadmoor, Toto a retired warlord who was now strictly prohibited to his mum’s house in Queen’s and a number of other interesting fellows.

Jon Ronson writes in a completely relatable and gripping manor and I’m pretty sure that he could just write about a boring saturday and i’d still read it and laugh along. The personality that shined through his reading is very endearing and relatable. As a bit of an anxious worrier myself I found myself giggling out loud and texting my other half passages that I related to and it that doesn’t show a good book then I don’t know what does. The entire book actually remind me a bit of hate Thy Neighbor which is basically Jamal Ouariachi portraying himself as a serious journalist in a number of situations, then just taking the utter mick out of them in a live stand up and having the both filmed which the standing almost being an internal monologue. The only criticism I did have about the book was about how the characters and scenery seems to change sometimes without much notice and i have sudden realisations that a new person is involved or another is revisited but to be perfectly honest that’s probably me being a bit dyslexic.

All in all I blitzed through this book in about a week and a half and with two kids under three that really isn’t easy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be picking up any of his other books if i spot them in the charity shop.

I’ll give it a 4/5 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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