Part-Time Working Mummy, Patchwork Family 2018: By Rachaele Hambleton Book Review


Want to know the truth about what life is like as a mum and step-mum with a chaotic patchwork family?

This book is everything I’ve been through that’s made me who I am, plus the lessons I’ve learned from many mistakes. I hope that it will make you laugh as well as give you strength to keep going when times get tough. After all, we are all in this together…
Rachaele, aka Part-Time Working Mummy

Hundreds of thousands of fans flock to the PTWM page online and now, in this book, Rachaele shares her behind-the-scenes experiences with single parenthood, unexpected pregnancy, domestic violence, relationships, bullying and much more – spreading kindness amidst the craziness along the way!

What I thought.

I love a good old Instagram mum, especially the nitty gritty ones who have no problem using foul language out of ear shot of their children to describe their days and will freely admit that sometimes they haven’t showered in two to three days and have food in their hair. It makes you feel better about the mums who looked about 12 weeks pregnant at 9 months pregnant and kids seem to wear white with no constant fear of immediate stains. there’s nothing wrong with that, but my god that is not me. I’ve enjoyed following Rachaele for probably about 6 months now and have wanted to read her book for a good couple. Unfortunately I only try and read books that i pick up in charity shops for environmental reasons and haven’t been able to find it as of yet but came into a bit of luck when my mum gave me my brother’s kobo reader rom 2011 and it still worked. I created a new account and for first time buyers you can have £3 credit and ended up purchasing patchwork family for only 38pence.

I really love the sincerity of how honest rachaele is on Instagram and how happy her and her children are even though they’ve come through turbulence after turbulence in their lives and i really had no idea until i read the book for myself. As a mother who had her children as a teenager and previously been in thoroughly abusive relationships (thankfully not my partner) I could relate with so many things events that she wrote about. Even if you are a childless person who chooses to read who hasn’t been in DV relationship the personality that shines through is so likable and relatable to i imagine most people, that it’s hard to put down.

The only criticism that I did have was that the writing style wasn’t as in depth as I would have liked and I found myself wanting a bit more elaboration into some things as to not be perplexed at timelines and what happened. Apart from that I really really enjoyed it and considering Rachaele isn’t an author by trade and she wrote the book to educate people I think it’s wonderful. If she writes another I will happily purchase it and I will continue to follow her on Instagram. I give it a 7/10.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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