‘Gone’ By Michael Grant Book Review.

Hello my lovelies,

I’m back finally after a month break and feeling as positive and happy about myself as ever. Ever since I started blogging over a year ago, I’ve always said I would only blog as a way to make myself feel happy, give myself an interest and also to relieve myself of any stress I may have and I got to a point where I wasn’t feeling particularly happy about myself or the way my life was going and needed a break to get myself back on a positive track. Now I finally feel in a happy and content place and am possibly a step closer to being where I wanted to be. I’ve just been very frustrated recently because I know that I want to do something with my life and I want to be self employed or successful and am aware that I have the passion and drive to achieve anything that I want but I just haven’t known what. So I just took a month off so I could juggle a couple of bits and bobs and I’ve realised that it doesn’t matter as long as I’m happy and my babies are too.

Anyway back to the blog post I have decided that I want to incorporate book reviews into my blog as reading has been a passion of mine since I was a very little girl and whats the best way to start it than my favourite book in the entire world. I was going to incorporate an artsy photograph of the copy that I own but to be brutally honest it’s so ‘well loved’ and battered I couldn’t justify it.

Gone is a 570 page book about an alternative universe when day to day life pools into mayhem when a spherical invisible barrier contains an american town and all of the citizens over the age of 15 disappear. It is one of the best written books I have ever read and the rawness and no barriers approach just makes it even more enjoyable to read. I am a big sucker for books written in third person because I just feel like you can bring so much more detail and emotion into a novel with this approach so obviously I love this book which confidently and without confusing (which is an extremely important point in writing a good book) gives the ability to give multiple people backstories and legitimate parts in the adventure even though the main characters and plot is easy to follow and well defined.

The characters are all extremely likeable and just as dis-likeable which brings you even closer to the defining characters and the plot line. Sam is the main character in this book and has the ability to create light orbs and beams of light which can cut through things, a number of other characters in the Fayz also have numerous different powers which manifest after the walls come up and the adults disappear.

This book is a wonderful beginning into an incredible series of books which I have read and re-read multiple time. Michael Grant has also written a number of other brilliant young people’s science fiction and is an extremely talented person.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


9 thoughts on “‘Gone’ By Michael Grant Book Review.

  1. I remember reading Gone years ago – roughly 3 or 4 – and it was an interesting idea, but for some reason I never got round to reading the sequels, even though I went out and bought them! I think, eventually, I’ll need to re-visit this series and stick with it until the end.

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  2. Good idea. Fab review and pleased for you that you’re filling your blog and days with happiness. Isn’t that the point of life ? 😊

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      1. Really?! I havent had chance to finish this series yet! I have read the Eve+Adam book – I Loved it! And the MEssenger Of Fear i really enjoyed! I just love his writing style – whats this series about, or dont we know yet?xo


      2. I actually own the BZRK series, just havent read them yet! They any good?
        Oh wow, that sounds amazing – feel like i should read these ones before then!xox


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