Fuse 2013: Julianna Baggott Book Review

Fuse is the sequel to it’s post apocalyptic predecessor where the world has been ravaged by a bio-weapon and the sole survivors are left either scarred fused with animals or objects or dead, or kept perfectly safe in the tyranny dictatorship that is the Dome. The book continues with Patridge (a pure) and Pressia (a wretch with a dolls head fused to her hand) all escaped from the clutches of the dome and the special forces who happen to be members of the dome adapted against their will to be mutated like the wretches

but using the elements of animals, genetic engineering and weapons to super soldierfy them (think iron man but gorier). The story continues with the father of Partridge who also happens to be the leader of the Dome and the instigator of the bio-weapon who is dedicated to bringing his son back to the dome and Pressia, Partidge’s half sister) trying to piece together the clues put together by Partidge’s inner circle to discover the mystery of the details that brought them to the decrepit landscape and the technology that will bring them forward.

What I Thought?

I have to admit, Fuse took me a little longer to read than Pure as the only time that I have to myself is the evenings and the one day a week that I’m at work. I still couldn’t put it down, I found myself thinking about the book even when I wasn’t reading it and think I even neglected the washing up a couple of evenings so I could utilise the 2 and a half hours that I always have to myself after the kids are asleep until fi wakes up for, in her eyes, ‘booooobie’.

The description is still incredible and even though the storyline is slightly slower which is normal for books in the middle of series’, I still found myself drawn in and rooting for characters. Physically having to force myself to speed up to find out what happens quicker. Which for a dyslexic is not easy.

I found that even though the action was slower paced, the character relationships were utterly fascinating. Helmud, the young boy fused to El Capitain’s back went from barely mentioned to a real part of the team with feelings and emotions. You feel El Capitain learn to rely on people and soften as a person. Not always having to be steely and manic to be respected and the more you feel this warmth from El Capitain the more Helmud grew as a person and formed skills and relationships for himself. I liked it, it was wholesome and the fact that there were a couple of moments where El Capitain even relies on Helmud and you experience some real moments of love and bonding.

Partridge is the most fascinating character in Fuse by far. Even though a main character, The lines blurred between good and bad and having to go from what you’ve known to a whole new way of life are obviously a real struggle for him. Especially the fact that the Evil from the dome is evident and he is all the more aware of it you feel that he still kind of just wants to go back to how it was with no repercussions and please his father. The steely determination and hatred from Pressia, Bradwell and especially Lyda just isn’t there and it adds a really interesting new dynamic.

I feel like it’s been a really good set up for the finale of the trio of books and I am so excited to read the final book where I don’t doubt all of the remainder of the action is going to occur. I do have to respect Julianna Baggott because the way that you end up caring and bonding with the members of the dystopian world is so rare and incredible and I will be sad once it has finished. 9/10 definitely.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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