Pure 2012: Julianna Baggott Book Review

Pure is a dystopian horror trilogy where a purposeful tragic event leaves the entire world destitute apart from one small area of the globe where everybody was either murdered, heavily scarred or fused with anything near when cowering for their lives. The only survivors were those who set off the initial chain of events and those close to them or rich enough to get into the dome that protects their lives.

The story centres around Partridge; a young boy, who had spent the majority of his life wondering about the outside world, resenting his Father a high ranking member of the Dome and fascinated with the idea that his hero mother, who apparently sacrificed herself to try and save people in the explosion could still possibly be alive. Pressia on the other hand wasn’t quite so lucky and was a survivor or the blast with a scar that covers half of her face her baby doll fused to hand to show for it. Destined to care for her Grandfather and struggle to survive in a world ruled by violence and fear.

If anybody knows me then they would know that Dystopian fiction is my favourite Genre, the gorier the better, especially in books. The mixture of humans fused with the nature, animals and household objects that miss Baggott writes about during the blast is particularly gruesome and the shear description and visualisation which is given to you in every single sentence written down makes you feel unnerved in a good way. I always say that the mark of a good Dystopian fiction book or even sci- fi is when the thought of it being a book seems just utterly impossible. When a book would never be able to be made into a film due to the amount of amazing description and writing skills that’s a good book.

As incredible as the writing itself is, the real star of the show is the characters and the relationships that they all hold between them. Each character seems to be on a personal journey which is so refreshing. The usual boy meets girl, the entire book being devoted to protecting each other concept is overdone and a lot of the time tiresome but the fact that the two main characters Partridge and Pressia have separate love interests that seem to develop naturally in a normal fashion as opposed to the love at first sight that we are so used to seeing. Another character include Bradwell who was fused with a number of birds in his back and is angrily passionate about bringing the dome down and revealing the origins of the blast. El Capitan is my favourite character in the book, a young man who’s younger brother had fused in his back. His development even in the first book is evident and you can see his frustration due to having his brother stuck with him for eternity, having nobody to rely on and feelings of abandonment grow into acceptance and feelings of protectiveness towards people that he gains in his life, especially his brother and Pressia.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. The style that the author uses to write is similar to those of my favourite author and I found it to leave me wanting to read more even when I had to put it down (damn end of nap times)

I will definately give this book a 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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