Mummy Cuddles Cure Everything.


I’m not going to lie to you, the last couple of days have been pretty damn trying. Leo came down with the winter vomiting bug and it’s the first sickness bug he’s ever had apart from when he was 3/4 months old and he had Bronchitis but I can barely ever remember that.

I’ve usually got the most charismatic and boisterous little boy going, with his personality developing day by day, so seeing him so sad and lacking of energy was extremely difficult. All he wanted to do was cuddle for three days straight and we brought out the big snuggly duvet out and thanked the lord that Sky had released their christmas films because there’s only so many times I can watch Monsters University and that one movie with the singing animals. I don’t remember what it’s called but I can quote about 95% of it (ironic huh). The only time we transitioned from the sofa to be brutally honest was to shower and to sleep which was another pitfall. Leo’s been doing so well with his cot sleeping. I’m not even sure what happened but we’ve tried for months and months on end for him to sleep in his cot which has resulted in days of sleepless nights and uncomfortable foot in the face sleeps when I finally gave in and let him sleep in our bed. Apparently he just decided one day that he is too grown to be sleeping with mummy and daddy and falls asleep in his own cot at the drop of a hat now. I just hope to god that this hasn’t put a spanner in the works. I’ll let you know in a few days I guess.

I’m just looking at this as another milestone that we’re crossing, I mean everything has to happen at some point or another whether it’s a good or bad milestone but that’s just me being optimistic. One of the other points I find whenever we run into a stepping stone or when something negative happens is the appreciation that I have for my mum increases tenfold. There were so many times that i took my mum for granted and shouted in her face that it was just their job to do things for me but I’ve only just appreciated the actual self sacrifice that it takes to raise a child. So if you’re reading this mumma (probably not.) sorry for being a massive brat when I was younger.

It just proves that a parents love is just out of this world (sorry soppy) and if you’d have told me 3 years ago that I’d go days without sleep and be looking after a tiny little sproglet I would have laughed at you and thought that even if I did have a baby I probably wouldn’t even know how to hold it.


Hope you enjoyed this little update,

Speak soon,

Hannah x





Hello my lovelies,

I hope you’re all well. I think that I’ve finally sorted out my schedule for blogging and I’ve decided on uploading every third day as opposed to a certain day of the week as I just find that easier for me. It gives me enough time to write new blogs, not run out of content and also not be writing blogs 24/7. What do you think?

This is going to be my one exception and I’m still going to upload tomorrow as I had one scheduled but I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely BECCALEEBEAUTY so go and give her a little look on her wonderful blog. If you’re wondering what the Liebster award is, it’s pretty much a nice little community thing where lovely bloggers acknowledge other lovely bloggers and give even more lovely bloggers and readers the opportunity to discover a bunch of new bloggers. What a cute little idea, ammiright. 

Here are the instructions for the lovely people I decide to nominate.

  • Post the instructions for accepting the award and passing it on.
  • Create a new blog post on your page thanking the person that nominated you, link to their blog, and put in a graphic of the award.
  • Answer the questions that were provided, and then share some facts about yourself.
  • Create a new set of your own questions for others to answer.
  • Nominate ten others and share your blog post with them so they can accept their award!

So here are the questions that I got given.

  1. What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is mustard. I love everything Mustard with everything in my heart. Leo has got a large amount of mustard coloured clothes to the point that the other day Leo was wearing a Mustard coloured tshirt and I went to change him after lunch at my mum’s house into another Mustard coloured tshirt. I hadn’t even planned it. Just picked up a couple of cute tops. I just love it.

     2. What is your favourite holiday? (Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc)

I love Christmas so so much, it’s a time for family and giving and just enjoying yourself. I’m especially looking forward to this christmas because it’ll be leo’s second holiday. His first christmas he experienced last year but he was only one month old so he’ll be able to enjoy the festivities to the fullest amount

     3. Speaking of Christmas, what is your favourite Christmas song?

I’m not a massive christmas song fan, but I am a massive disney fan so i’m just going to have to say the frozen soundtrack all of them. I love a christmas film fan though and have been watching them from December 3rd (not before because we don’t acknowledge christmas before my birthday on the second.)

        4. Do you have any pets, and if not, what animal would you want if you did have a pet?

We don’t currently have any pets but I’ve told Rico that we can have some as soon as we have a mortgage. We plan to get two dogs, a bunch of chickens and an axolotl which we’ve really wanted for a while.

       5. What is your favourite TV show?

My favourite TV show is an unfair question. I love it’s always sunny in philadelphia, dexter, I love the american version of the office and anything trashy or on MTV.

Here are a couple of facts about me.

  • I don’t have any tattoos but I have 7 piercings all on my face and ears. I used to have close to 20 and 20mm stretchers but I grew out of them and have been left with ear lobes which look a little bit like cats bum holes.
  • I work as an indoor play assistant and have done for the last 5 years but I plan on going back to school when Leo’s older.
  • A lot of people think we named Leonardo because his Dad is Portuguese but in all honesty we didn’t even realise it was Portuguese and just liked teenage mutant Ninja turtles.
  • I wear my one pair of Doc Martens all day everyday and they’re my second pair. My first fell apart.

Here are my nominees.

Chloesblogthing: She’s my real life angel and we met years and years ago when she came into my work and been good buddies ever since. She blogs about mental health and LGBT topics and is a wonderful human in general.

Adventures of a mum with a wife: A fellow mumma blogger with super honest and interesting content which is uploaded daily. lovely!

Perfecting Felix: A fellow young mumma with a gorgeous little one and blog. Really thought out and wonderful blog posts.

EVERYDAYSACHET: One of the blogs I first followed and also one of my favourites.

Wears Rosie: A gorgeous fashion blog with beautiful vibrant photography. Deffo worth the follow.

Denisse Samantha: A wonderful beauty blogger with really informative posts.

BlushOfTheHaters: If the cute quirky name hasn’t made you want to follow enough then the lovely beauty blog is going to solidify the deal.

Here’s 7 nominations that I chose.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Nyx Mattes Vs Metals Vault Review and swatches.

Hello my lovelies,

Okay, well it’s been a while since I’ve had a consistent blog schedule but I have finally regained my old laptop after four months of being without (who’d have thought a new charger would cost 80 bleeding pounds after having to spend so much on the macbook itself). In all honesty I’ve massively missed it and have even attempted to upload a couple of blog posts with my rubbish Iphone 5 but it just hasn’t been the same.

There have been a couple of changes since I last uploaded. I turned 21 (woop, woop), my partner turned 20 (I know, I do like a younger man. Don’t judge me) and Leo turned 1 (which I actually did manage to upload a tiny little blog post about). Pretty much every other minutes which hasn’t consisted of preparing for christmas has been either mumming, working or sleeping but I have taken the rare free moment that I have had to plan some new blogs and even possibly blog posts with potential schedules to upload since I’ve been gone for so long.


Today I am reviewing brand new products which I have been waiting until I received my new charger to blog about as I wanted a genuine first impression. See you can’t say I don’t do anything for you guys even though it has been only three days. It is the Nyx Mattes Vs Metals vault which I’ve actually seen advertised to the absolute extreme from either Nyx itself or some other company with a Mattes Vs. metals variation. Someone please let me know whether christmas sets have been this prominent in other years or whether companies are just being super extra. I remember holiday palettes and the occasional bundle but it seems like pretty much every Tom, Dick and Harry is going all out. I love it. And I love the concept of the mattes vs. metals even more, especially for only 30 pounds.

The mattes Vs. Metals Vault contains 12 miniature liquid lipsticks. 6 from the liquid suede collection and 6 from the Cosmic Metals Lip Cream range. There were actually a bunch of different variations of vaults that Nyx have brought out this year including their soft matte lip creams, lip lingerie and every single one of the Liquid suede colours but I decided on the Mattes Vs. Metals as I’ve owned a bunch of the Soft Matte Lip Creams and they don’t really do anything for me. I find that they rub off so easily and there are only so much of the lip lingerie variation of colours and I already own four full sized lip Lingeries. I own a few of the Liquid Suede lipsticks and really enjoy the formula, pigmentation and longevity but i’ve never swatched or even really seen anybody wearing the Cosmic Metal Lip Cream so I have no idea what to expect but I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say its going to be a pigmented lipgloss which is a huge risk because I’m a matte lip girl through and through.

So speaking of Matte lips, I’ll start with the Liquid suede collection at the top. Now the Liquid suede liquid lips are actually my favourite Nyx lip formula with the lip lingerie being slightly too sticky for me, the lip creams doing nothing for me and the lipsticks being okay but just not my thing. They are long lasting and lightweight which is such a hard thing to do for even the high end makeup lines. So to bring out a formula like that for 6.50 full sized then you are winning. Also they have an incredible variety of colours with blues, blacks and purples which is actually rather strange for drugstore companies. 


Here’s one of the miniature liquid lips next to a full size for comparison. I actually really do like the idea of selling bundles of miniatures so that you can work out if what colours you like and if you want to buy a full sized version but let’s be honest who’s ever been all the way through a lip product because I know that I certainly have. The only downside I have about the size of these products is that the applicator is shorter to fit inside the tube and it makes it slightly awkward to apply. It took almost twice as long as it would usually take and I still had to clean it up with a lip brush at the end which isn’t very good for when you’re in a rush or on the go.

The colours themselves were the real dealmaker in this situation though. Everybody who knows me knows that I’m a gothic girl at heart and plums and deep reds are the absolute soul to my heart so pretty much every single colour in the pack appealed to me apart from Tea and Cookies which I just knew wasn’t for me but wasn’t really overly bothered because every other colour made my womb tingle.


The six shades in order of swatch from top to bottom were Cherry Skies, Kitten Heels, Soft-Spoken, Sandstorm, Vintage and Tea and cookies and they were pretty close to what was advertised. I think that Kitten heels was supposed to be a slightly deeper more blue toned colour and for some reason Soft-Spoken and Sandstorm were pretty close in colour to each other but apart from that all of the colours did a pretty good job. I really love this entire half of the collection.


The next part was the Cosmic metals Lip creams which I really didn’t know what to expect. As I previously stated I was pretty much convinced that it was going to be a pigmented lip gloss and I think that I was right and just add a little bit of glitter. Not 100% my thing, but I don’t say no to anything and I’ll try anything once. Glosses are all obviously going to be not particularly long lasting so I don’t even think I’m going to comment on that part of them in this blog. 

The colours themselves are pretty varied. All still on the darker more autumnal/wintery shades which is nice but still not close enough to be ‘similar’ to each other . I especially liked metropolitan light which is the gold colour which would be gorgeous for an ombre or lip art on a matte lip. The colours from top to bottom are Speed of Light, Galactic love, Metropolitan night, Crystallized Metal, Elite and Lava. Pretty much all of these colours are true to their advertised colour apart from Lava which is an exclusive shade to the vault. I don’t really know what they wanted to go with in regards to this shade. It’s advertised as like a deep hot pink but as you can see in the swatches it;s literally a bright red with maybe a hint of pink. I do prefer the red to the pink that it was supposed to be it’s just not the swatch haha.

In conclusion this is a pretty good deal and for only 30 pounds it’s a bargain to. Think about it, that’s the equivalent to 1 and a half Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lips which as good as they are are still 20 quid a lippie. I massively recommend purchasing this, even if it is just on your christmas wish list. 

Have you seen any good christmas bundles recently?

Speak soon,

Hannah x

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My First Year Of Being A Mother.


The day that Leonardo was born was such a vivid day but feels like a lifetime. I can no longer remember the days where I’d sleep until 2pm, eat food warmer than lukewarm and being able to have a wee without having a small being sitting at me feet. Now I find myself constantly being tired but happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

It’s been a blessing to watch Leo develop into a charming, cheeky a stubborn little boy and for everybody else to be able to see the qualities which I love so much.

I was always a little bit baffled about the social media mums and the need to blog and talk about their babies but now I get it because there is Nov greater pride in life than raising a child.


P.s it’s my blogiversary today and I’ve had this particular blog for an entire year. Who’d have thought it x
Speak soon,
Hannah x

My Going Away Makeup Bag.

So I am pretty much one of the most unorganised people you’ll ever meet. Not intentionally, I genuinely hate when things aren’t payed out colour coded and nicely coloured but unfortunately I suffer with an awful ailment which is called procrastination. I will spend the entire day thinking about how I can do something and then when I get round to doing it I shrug my shoulders and say I’ll do it tomorrow. Which is why my going away makeup bag is so unorganised, it should have been everything I need but like usual it’s just ‘kind of’ everything I need. Which is fine. But I just needed to get that out of the way.

ricardo’s actually got a week off work this week and we’re spending time with his family which is actually so nice. Ricardo and myself usually spend maybe an hour and a half in the evening together which is filled with down time, making dinner and putting the baby to bed and on average the amount of days of that coinside are about 3 a month so it’s refreshing to be able to spend a week just chilling and spending time with his family.

unfortunately the day before we decided to leave also consisted of down time, dinner making and putting to bed so everything I put in my makeup bag was done in about 3 seconds at 6:45 in the morning so it’s kind of all there but not quite. You’all get the gist so I’ll go through everything I have. I used this cute little Estée Lauder travel makeup bag to take my makeup in.



The only face products that I brought were foundation and concealer. I don’t see the point of bringing primer along as I only really use it when I’m doing a precise makeup look which is either going to go on here or I just want to look snatched. I also very rarely wear foundation so I only brought a full coverage foundation so that I could really do the natural or full coverage. the foundation I bought was the NYX stay matte but not flat liquid foundation in the colour ivory which is actually my go to foundation currently and even almost covers my nose and forehead freckles. I bought too concealers. One lighter colour for under eye which was the seventeen up to 18 hour coverage concealer in the colour extra fair which works wonders and a darker concealer for general blemishes which was the Elf concealer fair which I don’t really use overly amounts.

Contour, highlight and Blush 

Now none of these products are ones that I would typically use on a day to day basis but I wanted small and compact products to fit in my bag. I prefer using palettes for all of these part so of my makeup so that I have a much wider variety. I still brought a cute little blush palette which I have never actually used. It was one of those products which I bought because there was a discount and never even touched. It’s the sleek blush by 3 palette. IT consists of three blushes, two glittery powders and one cream blush which is a nice little concept and perfect for travelling. Again I bought a tiny palette for my contour and this one was one of my favourites when I first got into makeup. It’s the collection highlight and sculpt contour kit which I believe is literally £1.99 and pretty good quality and the highlight I used is on the opposite end of affordable but makes me look snatched to the gods. It’s the Laura mercier face illuminator in devotion. Again super duper expensive but my god it’s a great product.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Now this one was a prime example of literally shove everything into my bag and hope for the best and I can confidently say that I messed up. The only eyeliner I brought was a bright purple and definitely did not look it when I was packing it bleary eyed the other morning but I’ve just had to work with what I’ve got and that’s the nyx vivid brights eyeliner in the colour vivid violet. Not your every day go to look but I’ve made it work (I hope). I went a little bit safer with my mascara and just chucked in my go to ysl mascara volume effet faux cils and even safer with my eyebrow wax and powder just chucking in my benefit brow zings in 4 which I use on the daily for a natural look. Now eyeshadow is another which I really did not think too much about as I packed 0 base colours or transition colours or anything to blend so we have just dealt with block colours blended for days. I picked up a palette and a single shadow. The palette is one of my go to shadows morphe 12z. If anybody doesn’t have this palette then they deffo need to purchase it. If you don’t believe anyhing I say then believe this. The single shadow is just as cute. It’s the urban decay single shadow in chopper which adds a little glitter and sass to anybodies life.

Let me know what you guys take away with you.

speak soon,

Hannah x


Some days I thank the world for nap times.

Okay, so to begin with I’m going to straight away back up the point which I’m about to make. I spent about 40 minutes on my first draft of a blog post and suddenly the entire website crashed. Someone is not looking out for me today. So here is take two of my post today. I love reading blogs to the point where I actually have 6 or 7 ladies who I read their blogs pretty much every single day and dozens more where I check up on a few times a week. I just love seeing everybody lies styles and connecting with individuals through their perspectives on their lives and creativity. It’s wonderful. But there’s one thing that has always got my goat a little bit when it comes to bloggers, especially the more arty parenting bloggers and that’s just how effortless and positive everything is. Now for the majority of the time I love that, but sometimes it’s just makes me feel ever so slightly useless and that’s what I’ve tried to portray since beginning blogging over a year ago. (I know that I have only been blogging for about 10 months but I did actually have a cringy first blog which was scrapped but somewhere on the World Wide Web is still existing).

Every single person has days where they feel overwhelmed or wonder how people cope with certain things and I believe that we should celebrate these things and let everyone know that we’re on all on the same boat. I could’ve written a blog post today on something fabricated or just ignored the baby part and written about a beauty Which I’m not going to lie I’ve actually previously done on the odd occasion but I’ve decided to bite the bullet today.

To be honest today isn’t as bad as yesterday, possibly because it’d be quite difficult to make today as bad or worse than yesterday. Yesterday I had to graciously say goodbye to my laptop (thanks to a shove on the screen from a overzealous baby) and also to my landline phone (thanks to a still overzealous baby who tried to help me clean the toilet). I also had moaning pretty much none stop and for some reason Leo felt the need to climb on possibly everything accessible to him. It was a hard hard day.


today I still have a wingy poorly baby but he seems pretty content to cuddle up and watch cartoons with me which is nice because I feel super duper poorly too.

On another positive note I haven’t worn any makeup in a few days and my skins cleared up nicely and I feel fresh. Always look on the bright side.


Pampering Myself With a Baby.

Hello my lovelies,

When you have children the two hour baths and booked in massages aren’t really on the table anymore (shock horror) so any time to make yourself feel nice is a wonderful wonderful treat. Personally, I love to be able to wind down and feel calm and wonderful after a hectic day of chasing after debatably the worlds most excitable and independent baby and when I do it makes me feel like a new woman. Sometimes even showering makes me feel like a new woman, so when I was challenged by eSalon to let all of you guys know how I pamper myself after a long day I completely jumped at the challenge. If you want to check out more about them and their custom hair colours then make sure that you click
and also let me know how you like to pamper yourself.

Hot Showers.

There is literally nothing better in the world than a nice hot shower after a busy day, I do love a bath but unfortunately I don’t get much time to look after myself without the wonderful caws and giggles of a miniature human. Fortunately he finds showers really funny and even funnier when I splash him occasionally so I can usually stretch that out to about ten minute which I appreciate wholeheartedly. I have spent so much money on fancy expensive hair treatments and products but it’s like my body rejects luxury. I just end up horrible hair so it’s poundland shower gel and my hair looks like as good as it’s going to. 


Here’s a super tired baby waiting for me to finish my shower to sleep.

Taking all of my makeup off

This is a pretty standard thing to be honest but I’m not going to lie. Usually when I take my makeup off it’s a quick scrub of my face before putting a baby to bed. Even though I probably take the same amount of makeup off both times, the more time you take in removing it the nicer you feel. When I get the time to scrub my face for more than 30 seconds I feel like a new born baby. Excuse my face, I’ve substituted not being comfortable and disliking taking photos with no makeup to just trying to be ridiculous.

Early Dinner

Usually I like to wait until Ricardo is home to start making dinner at about half past 8 but on days where I want to feel like a princess I have to put a little bit more effort in in the hours beforehand. I detest cooking dinner when Leo’s in the kitchen with me because I always end up burning or dinner or having to listen to Moana 40,000 times so that Leo doesn’t get overly bored. It’s worth it so that I can get Leo’s dinner and into his pj’s as early as possible. (Usually when I’m trying to get him to sleep he can sense it like spiderman and he’s awake until stupid O’clock. I swear it’s a super power).


Here is a sleepy squidgy baby for you.

Changing the bed Sheets. 

It sounds like a trivial thing but changing the bed sheets for me is like the most incredible thing in the world. In my head I feel like I’m royalty. I don’t get the best sleep on the best of day anyway so being comfortable and awake at 4am is the best that I am going to get.

Face masks.

I have only recently realised how much that I love face masks but I can promise you I have probably done the equivalent of someone who has been doing them for years. My favourite face masks are actually the Super Drug own brand peel of masks but tonight I’m using my close favourite which is the Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Face Mask. Usually I prefer peel off face masks, mainly because peeling it off is the most satisfying thing ever but I can tell you categorically that I’ve been a day one PVA Glue peeler. Genuinely I remember when I was 8 or 9 and I’d ‘accidently’ spill PVA glue on my hands so I could peel it off. I really hope that I’m not the only one who did that. The Soap and Glory face mask is also super satisfying because after applying it genuinely makes your face feel super warm. Once I had convinced Rico to let me give him a DIY spa experience and gave him this face mask and the look of sheer panic that crossed his face was priceless. Unfortunately I hadn’t told him that it would heat up because it was the third or fourth product that I had used on them and I was just splooshing through them at that point and he told me he thought that he was having a bad reaction to the face mask. 


My Pampering routine isn’t the most extravagant but it is for me. When I get the time to look after and love myself I feel refreshed and super happy and to be perfectly honest every mum and non-mum needs to make time to wind down and feel wonderful about themselves. I’d love to know how you guys pamper yourself. 

Trips out With a Toddling Baby.

I don’t think I did an actual blog post on Leo learning to walk but it’s here, he’s been toddling about unsteadily for the last week and genuinely is so proud of himself. I’m pretty proud of him too in all honesty. He’s so happy and proud of himself and wants to walk literally everywhere and seeing him doing something which he really wants to do is lovely, usually he get’s quite frustrated because he’s so close to so many milestones but just needs that little bit of extra help so seeing the joy and pride on his face if either my friends, Ricardo or myself praise him is everything that I enjoy about being a mumma.

The day after he officially started toddling ,I went out and bought him some lovely little trainers and Desert shoes instead of the slipper canvas shoe he had before so he can toddle outside and it was so worth it. I pushed him in the buggy to his dads bus stop yesterday whih is probably a 5 minute walk, slightly less and let him walk home holding my hand. I was kind of worried that he’d want to walk off without me but he held my hand so nicely and walked in the direction which I pointed to. Granted, it did take 40 entire minutes to walk him home but we did have to stop to wave at every single car which passed, watched the bin man empty the bins by our local shop and attempt to pick up every single leaf which had fallen off one tree so all in all he did quite well I had to pick him up for the final 50 meters and when we got home he climbed on my lap, curled up and fell asleep watching trolls. I genuinely loved every single second of it and seeing him reaching all of his milestones makes my heart burst with pride.

In the evening we decided to go for our monthly trip to Wagamamas and I took my friends Courtney and Danielle for their first experiences with Rico meeting us there after work. Leo toddled all of the way from the car park and seeing the encouragement from my friends (who he literally adores) was even more sweet. Unfortunately now he’s walking he doesn’t want to sit still, so our usually quite easy trip to wagas was  quite difficult until the food came out because Leo just wanted to show off.


Here’s a before and after shot of Leo’s dinner in Wagamamas. I had to apologise whole heartedly for the amount of mess hes made and the thought of all of that rice on the floor made my mumma heart break.

We’re going to go to the Dinosaur Park on Thursday which Leo has been to once before. If you want to read that blog then you can click HERE and see but it’ll be the first time that he’s been able to walk and hasn’t been confined to a pram or a hip for the majority of the journey so that’ll be fun. I’ll deffo be blogging about it so look out for that.

speak soon,

Hannah x

Morphe Liquid Lipstick in JUJU Review and Swatches.

Hello guys,

It is officially my favourite blog post time. It’s liquid lipstick review time. Today I’m bringing a liquid lipstick which I haven’t actually tried before and have put off purchasing for a long time. It’s the Morphe Liquid in the colour JUJU (love the name).

Okay so right off the bat, I do have to apologise for the photography quality being pretty rubbish as my Macbook charger has broken so I am sharing my fiance’s chromebook which unfortunately doesn’t have a USB port so I’m having to take all of my photos on a poopy IPhone until I can bring myself to spend another 80 pounds on a charger (Apple you are devil spwn). So there is my apology, now onto the review.

I purchased this product where I purchase the majority of my makeup and that is Beauty Bay for only 9 pounds.Now 9 pounds is an Okay price for a liquid lipstick I’d say especially as Morphe are known for being good quality just slightly cheaper. I’ve bought a number of products from Morphe previously but they have only been Eyeshadow Palettes and brushes so this was exciting to try something that wasn’t eye related. All of these products have  been wonderful and I have never had a problem with anything I have ever bought and I’ve heard a bunch of good feedback online about the liquid lipsticks. I’m always sceptical about Morphe code pushers but you can’t take everything with a pinch of salt and my previous experiences have been super positive.

The actual product is pretty cute. It comes in a cardboard box which is usually done by the higher end products as opposed to drugstore which usually is just the product. In regards to the actual tube, it is pretty basic but Morphe are known for basic packaging with their simple mirrorless eyeshadow palettes so you can’t say anything about that. It’s just a clear tube with a black screw lid and A bright red M on the top of the lid which is a really nice touch. The dofer applicator is pretty similar to the Jeffree Star and Kylie lip kits with the slanted applicator. Personally I prefer flat dofer applicators but I think the Morphe one is a overall preferred one so I’m not going to complain about that.


The first bad thing that I did actually notice about this Lipstick is the difference of colour online and in person. This is the colour that Beauty Bay promoted JUJU as this.


It’s a slightly purple toned Blue but in person it looked like this.


It’s literally just a purple so I was slightly disappointing because I love the deep blue that it was promoted as.

It didn’t really get any better when I put it on, I was actually rather disappointed with the formula too. When all ofthe big beauty YouTubers were promoting this product a lot of them focused on how long lasting it was and how non-moving it was and there was definitely a reason. It kinda felt like paint on my lips. It did have a very drying feeling and wasn’t really my cup of tea. I understand that cheaper products aren’t going to be as high quality as say a 15, 20 pound lipstick but there are plenty of drugstore products with much nicer formulas. The nyx liquid lipsticks are much cheaper and the formula is one of my favourites.

Overall, I was disappointed with this lipstick because of the Reputation and what people had been saying but not because of the price. Also the versatility of the colours is super cool, I love quirky colours and usually will buy one of two colours form each brand that I think stand out. I love Blue’s and Green’s and will probably purchase another if there is a colour that I really want.

I hope you enjoyed this Review,

Speak soon,

Hannah x