The Predator 2018: Film Review

The Predator is the 2018 instalment into the fourth Predator Film. The film starts with Mckenna, your typical smart-talking fearless leader being transported to an apparent prison/mental hospital in a bus with several other ex-army members who are also going to be evaluated. Quickly the scene develops into banter and character development within and is extremely humorous when a Predator scaling the rooftops is spotted and Dr. Casey Brackett, evolutionary biologist, who was studying the Predator before it got loose and consequently killed everybody apart from her is quickly thrown into the mishmash of personalities.

The film revolves around the autistic son of Mckenna who has accidentally received some Predator memorabilia sent from his father that the current main bad-guy is eager to get back and a second bigger more impressive predator and his weird dogs is even more eager to later on in the film. seemingly corrupt government party led by Agent Traeger is thrown into the mix and seem to have more dangerous motives and little caring for anything except from retrieving the evidence.

As funny and likeable as 95% of the film characters are in this branch of the franchise, the entire film feels a bit rushed and incomplete and dare I say it a little bit spoofy. Even though the running time 1hour 58 minutes; which is on the longer scale of films, it seems that vital parts like transporting as fugitives in large scales is done in a split second with no explanation to how a number of fugitives have transported miles in a cut-scene. I know that was done to keep run time down but it felt like vital parts were missing. Another point was the blatant neglect for the son that irked me. There main goal was to save the unsuspecting boy but even from the first scene that the Predator turned good Predator appeared, they showed minimal concern for him. From having a nice chat in the mother’s house beforehand instead of the panic you’d expect from a worried parent to leaving the gauntlet on Rory even though it’s the sole possession the Predator is trying to retrieve. I know this is done to keep him the centre of the story but as a mother my god this irked me.

All in all I found this film to be Okay, the CGI and Predators were good, but nothing special. The backstory about predators trying to upgrade to one day take over the soon to be uninhabitable earth was feasible but felt like they were just trying to add a film onto an already successful franchise and the characters were actually really likeable which saves it a bit.

I’ll give this film a 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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