Skin 2019: Liam Brown Book Review


Skin is the new age apocalypse encapsulated. Gone were the days where zombies; frothed at the mouth, space ships made you cower for your life as loved ones are obliterated or extreme weather shifts create ice-ages or scorching unlivable heats . The new killer is each other.

A new virus has swept the world where, if infected, any kind of contact with other human contact is fatal. Almost killing out the human race, a small number had managed to survive using complete isolation to stay alive. Only leaving the room for monthly egg and sperm donations, grocery pickup and for the lucky few neighborhood watch to roam the desolate streets which are slowly being taken back over by the animals at plants which had been kept at bay for so many years due to the concrete jungle.

Angela is one of the (un)lucky survivors who is forced to live her life as a social media employee in the complete seclusion of her room. Joined by her husband, son and daughter in separate rooms who all seem to lead their own lives, the monotony of the day to day is broken by the sporadic trip into the world which was all too familiar once upon a time. Life is repetative and dull until she spots a dark figure on one of her trips and the curiosity gets the better of her…..


God I loved this book, from the moment I opened it the sheer amount of detail and description that was just thrusted at you was incredible. I found myself instantly relating with this middle aged, isolated mother of two teenagers and feeling like I was there.

The relationships are believable and Angela herself, although morally questionable at points is likeable and I was rooting for her the whole way through. It was utterly refreshing to read a book that didn’t follow the generic thought processes and fairytale events. It was a unique feeling of thinking to myself ‘well why on earth did you do that’ as I am so used to these superhero, morally superia leads who lack real human elements and ultimately relatability. I get so sick of the lead character only ever being able to be willing to sacrifice herself for the other characters and find myself feeling like a bit of an asshole by the end of some.

If ever I thought a book should be made into a film, it’s definately now. I am definately giving Skin a 9/10.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


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