Alita: Battle Angel: Film Review 2019

My fiancee suggested watching Alita: Battle Angel a couple of weeks ago and after watching the trailer was convinced that it would not be up my street. The strong sci-fi lead character has become a quite trendy film topic to go for the last couple of years, which is everything that I want, but has never been portrayed right. Every single attempt has been extremely frustrating to watch. They’re either devoid of all human emotions and human functuality, or strong independent women for the majority of the film are snapping legs and breaking into vaults in split seconds but will have a breakdown moment in which a man will have to come in and build their worth. not for me. I know the Hollywood industry is working on all of it’s preconceived notions but I’m still not convinced.

So actually I was pleasantly surprised when Alita: Battle angel seems to be everything that I’ve been waiting for. Okay, it felt like a grown up version of AstroBoy with a female lead but I can forgive that. Alita is a cyborg with a humans brain who was discovered and remade by her cyborg fixing father figure Ido, in this post war futuristic version of Earth, there seems to be a ranking system with the rich and the fortunate living in a space ship in the sky called Zalem and the rest fending for themselves on Earth. Alita soon befriends and falls for Hugo the boy who gathers scrap pieces for Ido to fix up other cyborgs and a number of human/robot bounty hunters are sent to retrieve her for the technology that she is made with.

I loved this film, I thought it was an extremely refreshing take on sci-fi and you could really tell that the original material was an anime series as the characters and their relationships were so complex and fascinating. Hugo who was conflicted between his life long dream and his new relationship with Alita and Alita who starts the film being filled with so much innocence realising the world is not an easy place and having to adapt to survive. It was so fresh to watch something other than the boy meets girl storyline and really kept you on your toes.

The graphics, you could tell had been hugely invested in and; even though sometimes when a film largely relies on cgi it comes across a bit tacky and low budet, Alita: Battle Angel really pulls it off. The cyborg bounty hunters and partially destroyed city are particularly interesting to the eye. Some of the story line is a little confusing and there’s not an overly stand-out bad guy which I found a bit confusing but that’s what happens when you are turning an anime into a film that relies on multiple stories to keep the readers interested.

All in all I was really, really happy with Alita: Battle Angel and hope that they do make a sequel as my biggest pet hate is when films are set up for sequels then just never heard from again.

All in all I give this film a 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.


2 thoughts on “Alita: Battle Angel: Film Review 2019

  1. My husband and I watched this movie just recently and we loved it!! Everything about the story was amazing including the main character Alita. I know you mentioned you felt like there was no stand-out bad guy, but there was you just never really saw him until the very end of the movie because he(Nova) was living in the city in the sky called Zalem. He was actually played by Edward Norton. I definitely hope that they will make a part 2 and will be good as the first movie because usually the 2nd isn’t always as good as the first sometimes.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I think I meant more the bad guys weren’t overly special or stand out in themselves and just didn’t quite have enough character. All of them could have been more memorable but apart from that I completely agree with everything you’re saying


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