Teething with a Vengeance.

You know those times when you wait and hope for something to happen so much and when it does it’s nothing like you expected and you almost scald your past self. Well that’s the predicament that I’m in right now. Β When Leo was maybe 4 or 5 months we had the hint of one tooth and I was so excited, it didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest and I thought that it would be the start of our teething journey but unfortunately he didn’t want anymore teeth at that point.

Almost 6 months later and at 10 months, I wonder why I used to pray for his teeth to come in and I was getting so worried he was going to be a gummy cutie for his entire life I’d done the dreaded google on a couple of occasions. It just turned out that he was waiting until he was just 10 months for them all to raise their adorable shattering faces?

It’s almost been two weeks and we have two teeth half way through and two which are just beginning to cut through his gums and it’s even more horrendous that I thought. I haven’t had the stereotypical temperature but my god have I had a grumpy baby, It’s so difficult to watch because lilo rarely ever grumbles at all apart from when he’s tired or hungry but he has been super cuddly for the past couple of weeks so it’s not all bad. It’s just a pity that they haven’t come through more in stages because I think it’s even more uncomfortable than usual as there are so many coming through at once.

The only thing that I am enjoying about this teething journey is the adorable faces that he now pulls, he looks even cuter with his top and bottom tooth and he’s learned to scrunch his face up which he does frequently. Here’s a photo set of the many faces of Lilo.

Are there any mumma’s out there with any good teething advice?

Speak soon,

Hannah x



Hello my lovelies,

It was literally three weeks ago that I was writing a post about receiving 500 followers and now I have just hit 600. Every single day I feel like I enjoy blogging more and more and seeing positive reactions and growth is just the icing on the cake.

Being a blogger, especially about parenting is a real community and the sense of being able to have a little rant and someone reply and genuinely be interested or helpful is a really nice feeling. I’m so thankful for every single thing that I have in my life and everyone who follows my blog and the ability to express myself in the way that I want.

I have recently started a facebook page to share my posts to so if you don’t have wordpress, bloglovin’ or don’t want to follow me by email then you could follow me on facebook, I will leave all of the different links below.

Thankyou for everything guys,

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speak soon,

Hannah x


Hello my lovely humanoids,

I am so so happy today because I finally hit 500 followers which is super exciting. I know that doesn’t sound like much I started this blog 8 months ago and only really expected to be blogging for only a couple of months before I got distracted and moved onto something else like I do with pretty much every single one of my hobbies.

So being able to grow and progress so much in 8 months has been a really positive thing in my life. It has helped with my anxiety and motivation and just keeping my own identity and not dying of loneliness and I have also met some really rad people in similar situations or with the same interests, it’s been such a positive part of my life and I am proud of myself for how far I have come on my own.




So thank you for joining my sometimes pointless ramblings, I thoroughly, thoroughly appreciate it.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

The Man Behind the Camera.

Hello Guys,

Throughout my blog there have been two people who have taken all of the photos and if you look really carefully you can probably take a wild guess at who took which but here’s a hint. Mine are awful.

It’s not a secret that photography is a huge part of having a successful blog, it engages the audience massively and creates the illusion of being a professional and well put together website. Unfortunately I’m not the best photographer and I don’t get all of the lenses and the lighting and the professional terms. On a good day I can create an average photo if that but fortunately my fiance is passionate about photography and studied it for 2 years (I know I’m a lucky girl). So all of the nicest photos and the photos of myself and Leo were all taken by Rico.

He is a lovely, lovely person to assist my blog so frequently and finally I have convinced him to start his own photography blog so that he can keep all of his favourite pieces in one place and to be honest just show them off, I’m so proud of him and love seeing him doing something that he loves and is talented at.

Here is a link if you would like to have a little look at everything he’s put together so far.

Rico’s blog

Rico’s photography instagram

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Everything’s finally coming together.

I’m not going to lie, for the last 6 months myself and Rico have been treading water. Adjusting to living together, working and looking after leo. It hasn’t been unpleasant but it hasn’t been without it’s fair share of worry.

We had a situation a couple of months ago where Rico worked for an employer who just point blank refused to pay him any of his wage and only payed part of it when we threatened to take her to court, which really isn’t something a young family with bills and a baby need (god I wish I could expose the woman but I’m sure she’d love to get that money back taking us to court for defamation of character). So for a number of months that we should have been enjoying Leo’s young years we had to concentrate on her.

Finally though we’re in a position with a stable job and a positive outlook, I am dealing with my baby blues better on a daily basis and even going back to work at the weekend and Leo is absolutely thriving every second of every day. I have genuinely never been happier in my life and am now able to plan the future with Ricardo instead of just taking each day as it comes.

We’re even going to Rico’s home town in Portugal for 2 weeks in August which is so exciting. I just want Leo to be aware of all of his cultures and even though he won’t be able to remember going to there this tim when he’s older, he’ll feel so comfortable going there, like a second home which is all I want. I know it doesn’t seem like the biggest of deals but I have only been in Rico’s family for the last two years and I love their family, I love their sense of family spirit and the cute little traditions that I hadn’t even heard of.

All I can say is I’m looking forward to Everything that is to come and spending time with Leo, Rico, his family and especially my own. It’s so nice to now be able to enjoy every single milestone instead of consuming myself with worry and I can genuinely say I have never been in a better place.

Sorry if this was a bit of a lame post and a bit random as I haven’t posted in a while but this blog is for documenting and I thought this if there is anything I’d enjoy looking back at it’s this.

I hope you are all well.

Hannah x

Where Have I been?

Hi guys,

So I haven’t been blogging for a while. I know that it’s probably been like a week and a half but pretty much every day either consists of me blogging or planning blogging so it’s been weird but it’s been well needed as well.

I had a couple of down periods recently and some of you know that I’ve been suffering with post-natal depression that comes and goes. Now, Mental health is something that really interests me and something that I really enjoy talking about, researching and discussing.

I don’t feel like I’m ready to talk about it yet but I’ve actually made a couple of friends in similar situations through blogging who are great for talking to. Blogging is a great outlet and even better if there’s someone to talk to let alone listening and I’m so appreciative of every single person who reads my blog or speaks to me.

I’m feeling back to myself and posts will return shortly.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Let’s Get to Know Each Other.

Hi guys,

So I’ve been missing in action for the past few days, it’s been a hectic easter and to tell you the truth I’ve actually felt a bit down in the dumps and tired so haven’t been able to write any blog posts so I thought I’d take this moment to give you links to all of my other social media as I use them frequently so even though I’m not blogging you still get updates if you’re even bothered.

I’d love for us to be able to contact more so if you’ve got any of these social medias then please leave your username or links in the comments because I’d love to follow you back.

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I genuinely would love to make some new friends.

Speak soon,

Hannah x



When I started this blog 6 months ago I didn’t think anything of it, purely a place to write my pregnant rants and have a little natter with friends but 6 months in (3 months with this blog) and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best things that I have done. I have met so many different incredible people and have given family and friends a better look into our lives.

I know that 200 followers isn’t a lot but I have had this blog for 3 months and seeing it grow like this has been so amazing for my confidence and my mental health, it has given me an identity other than stay at home mum and fiancee Β as much as I love these titles, it has made me feel like me.

speak soon,

Hannah x

My New Blog Header and exciting News.

Hi guys,

Today I only have a short post but I just needed to tell you all about my new blog header because I’m so proud. One of my good good friends Charli is an extremely talented graphic designer and kindly commissioned me a blog header. Personally I love it and think it is completely amazing.

Take a look x


What do you guys think?

Also I have now created a new Youtube channel and hope to be uploading content in the next week, Subscribe to my channel to keep updated. You can view that Here.

Also Click Here to view Charli’s official website because she’s super talented.

speak soon,

Hannah x