Nyx Mattes Vs Metals Vault Review and swatches.

Hello my lovelies,

Okay, well it’s been a while since I’ve had a consistent blog schedule but I have finally regained my old laptop after four months of being without (who’d have thought a new charger would cost 80 bleeding pounds after having to spend so much on the macbook itself). In all honesty I’ve massively missed it and have even attempted to upload a couple of blog posts with my rubbish Iphone 5 but it just hasn’t been the same.

There have been a couple of changes since I last uploaded. I turned 21 (woop, woop), my partner turned 20 (I know, I do like a younger man. Don’t judge me) and Leo turned 1 (which I actually did manage to upload a tiny little blog post about). Pretty much every other minutes which hasn’t consisted of preparing for christmas has been either mumming, working or sleeping but I have taken the rare free moment that I have had to plan some new blogs and even possibly blog posts with potential schedules to upload since I’ve been gone for so long.


Today I am reviewing brand new products which I have been waiting until I received my new charger to blog about as I wanted a genuine first impression. See you can’t say I don’t do anything for you guys even though it has been only three days. It is the Nyx Mattes Vs Metals vault which I’ve actually seen advertised to the absolute extreme from either Nyx itself or some other company with a Mattes Vs. metals variation. Someone please let me know whether christmas sets have been this prominent in other years or whether companies are just being super extra. I remember holiday palettes and the occasional bundle but it seems like pretty much every Tom, Dick and Harry is going all out. I love it. And I love the concept of the mattes vs. metals even more, especially for only 30 pounds.

The mattes Vs. Metals Vault contains 12 miniature liquid lipsticks. 6 from the liquid suede collection and 6 from the Cosmic Metals Lip Cream range. There were actually a bunch of different variations of vaults that Nyx have brought out this year including their soft matte lip creams, lip lingerie and every single one of the Liquid suede colours but I decided on the Mattes Vs. Metals as I’ve owned a bunch of the Soft Matte Lip Creams and they don’t really do anything for me. I find that they rub off so easily and there are only so much of the lip lingerie variation of colours and I already own four full sized lip Lingeries. I own a few of the Liquid Suede lipsticks and really enjoy the formula, pigmentation and longevity but i’ve never swatched or even really seen anybody wearing the Cosmic Metal Lip Cream so I have no idea what to expect but I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say its going to be a pigmented lipgloss which is a huge risk because I’m a matte lip girl through and through.

So speaking of Matte lips, I’ll start with the Liquid suede collection at the top. Now the Liquid suede liquid lips are actually my favourite Nyx lip formula with the lip lingerie being slightly too sticky for me, the lip creams doing nothing for me and the lipsticks being okay but just not my thing. They are long lasting and lightweight which is such a hard thing to do for even the high end makeup lines. So to bring out a formula like that for 6.50 full sized then you are winning. Also they have an incredible variety of colours with blues, blacks and purples which is actually rather strange for drugstore companies. 


Here’s one of the miniature liquid lips next to a full size for comparison. I actually really do like the idea of selling bundles of miniatures so that you can work out if what colours you like and if you want to buy a full sized version but let’s be honest who’s ever been all the way through a lip product because I know that I certainly have. The only downside I have about the size of these products is that the applicator is shorter to fit inside the tube and it makes it slightly awkward to apply. It took almost twice as long as it would usually take and I still had to clean it up with a lip brush at the end which isn’t very good for when you’re in a rush or on the go.

The colours themselves were the real dealmaker in this situation though. Everybody who knows me knows that I’m a gothic girl at heart and plums and deep reds are the absolute soul to my heart so pretty much every single colour in the pack appealed to me apart from Tea and Cookies which I just knew wasn’t for me but wasn’t really overly bothered because every other colour made my womb tingle.


The six shades in order of swatch from top to bottom were Cherry Skies, Kitten Heels, Soft-Spoken, Sandstorm, Vintage and Tea and cookies and they were pretty close to what was advertised. I think that Kitten heels was supposed to be a slightly deeper more blue toned colour and for some reason Soft-Spoken and Sandstorm were pretty close in colour to each other but apart from that all of the colours did a pretty good job. I really love this entire half of the collection.


The next part was the Cosmic metals Lip creams which I really didn’t know what to expect. As I previously stated I was pretty much convinced that it was going to be a pigmented lip gloss and I think that I was right and just add a little bit of glitter. Not 100% my thing, but I don’t say no to anything and I’ll try anything once. Glosses are all obviously going to be not particularly long lasting so I don’t even think I’m going to comment on that part of them in this blog. 

The colours themselves are pretty varied. All still on the darker more autumnal/wintery shades which is nice but still not close enough to be ‘similar’ to each other . I especially liked metropolitan light which is the gold colour which would be gorgeous for an ombre or lip art on a matte lip. The colours from top to bottom are Speed of Light, Galactic love, Metropolitan night, Crystallized Metal, Elite and Lava. Pretty much all of these colours are true to their advertised colour apart from Lava which is an exclusive shade to the vault. I don’t really know what they wanted to go with in regards to this shade. It’s advertised as like a deep hot pink but as you can see in the swatches it;s literally a bright red with maybe a hint of pink. I do prefer the red to the pink that it was supposed to be it’s just not the swatch haha.

In conclusion this is a pretty good deal and for only 30 pounds it’s a bargain to. Think about it, that’s the equivalent to 1 and a half Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lips which as good as they are are still 20 quid a lippie. I massively recommend purchasing this, even if it is just on your christmas wish list. 

Have you seen any good christmas bundles recently?

Speak soon,

Hannah x

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Morphe Liquid Lipstick in JUJU Review and Swatches.

Hello guys,

It is officially my favourite blog post time. It’s liquid lipstick review time. Today I’m bringing a liquid lipstick which I haven’t actually tried before and have put off purchasing for a long time. It’s the Morphe Liquid in the colour JUJU (love the name).

Okay so right off the bat, I do have to apologise for the photography quality being pretty rubbish as my Macbook charger has broken so I am sharing my fiance’s chromebook which unfortunately doesn’t have a USB port so I’m having to take all of my photos on a poopy IPhone until I can bring myself to spend another 80 pounds on a charger (Apple you are devil spwn). So there is my apology, now onto the review.

I purchased this product where I purchase the majority of my makeup and that is Beauty Bay for only 9 pounds.Now 9 pounds is an Okay price for a liquid lipstick I’d say especially as Morphe are known for being good quality just slightly cheaper. I’ve bought a number of products from Morphe previously but they have only been Eyeshadow Palettes and brushes so this was exciting to try something that wasn’t eye related. All of these products have  been wonderful and I have never had a problem with anything I have ever bought and I’ve heard a bunch of good feedback online about the liquid lipsticks. I’m always sceptical about Morphe code pushers but you can’t take everything with a pinch of salt and my previous experiences have been super positive.

The actual product is pretty cute. It comes in a cardboard box which is usually done by the higher end products as opposed to drugstore which usually is just the product. In regards to the actual tube, it is pretty basic but Morphe are known for basic packaging with their simple mirrorless eyeshadow palettes so you can’t say anything about that. It’s just a clear tube with a black screw lid and A bright red M on the top of the lid which is a really nice touch. The dofer applicator is pretty similar to the Jeffree Star and Kylie lip kits with the slanted applicator. Personally I prefer flat dofer applicators but I think the Morphe one is a overall preferred one so I’m not going to complain about that.


The first bad thing that I did actually notice about this Lipstick is the difference of colour online and in person. This is the colour that Beauty Bay promoted JUJU as this.


It’s a slightly purple toned Blue but in person it looked like this.


It’s literally just a purple so I was slightly disappointing because I love the deep blue that it was promoted as.

It didn’t really get any better when I put it on, I was actually rather disappointed with the formula too. When all ofthe big beauty YouTubers were promoting this product a lot of them focused on how long lasting it was and how non-moving it was and there was definitely a reason. It kinda felt like paint on my lips. It did have a very drying feeling and wasn’t really my cup of tea. I understand that cheaper products aren’t going to be as high quality as say a 15, 20 pound lipstick but there are plenty of drugstore products with much nicer formulas. The nyx liquid lipsticks are much cheaper and the formula is one of my favourites.

Overall, I was disappointed with this lipstick because of the Reputation and what people had been saying but not because of the price. Also the versatility of the colours is super cool, I love quirky colours and usually will buy one of two colours form each brand that I think stand out. I love Blue’s and Green’s and will probably purchase another if there is a colour that I really want.

I hope you enjoyed this Review,

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Swatches and Review.

Hello my lovelies,

ABH has been on of my top makeup brands ever since I purchased my first Dip Brow and I’m sure many, many people will agree with me. Each product I seem to purchase feels luxury and weighty and even though I always buy my products off of Beauty Bay (which is always next day delivery) I find myself anxious and on edge until my package arrives.

I’ve actually been sitting on this product for a while and have tested it vigorously in a number of different ways. It is the Aurora Glow kit which was priced at 39 English Pounds which is a hell of a lot of money for anything let alone highlights. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to spend this amount of money on myself but fortunately I have an extremely considerate fiancee who also listens to me when I drivel on about makeup brands so I was actually surprised with this for our two year anniversary a couple of months ago.

The palette has a gorgeous lilac and light pink dip dye on the sleeve and the actual packaging of the glow kit and the detail is gorgeous with indented surfaced where the text on the front is and reflective text. It looks extremely expensive (which it certainly is. The cover is even magnetic so has that satisfying click when it closes, its attention to detail like this which makes ABH an extremely sought after product.

Moving onto the actual product you have 6 different shades of highlight which is displayed identically to the MoonChild Glow highlight Kit which was one of their first I believe. The top three consists Eclipse, Luna and Spectra which in order are a pastelly tangeriney type colour in the pan, a bright white with an ever so slight pink undertone and a deep purple which I really wasn’t too sure of to start off with. (please don’t judge my vagueness of colour description, it’s never been my forte).

The bottom row of shadows are named Helia, Orion and Lyra and are in order again, a champagne highlight with possibly a blue or green undertone, I can’t tell but I really like it, A bright blue highlight and a Deeper darker orange. Each colour is completely different to the others and I really really love the colour selection.


Moving onto the formula it’s gorgeous and creamy and each one swatches like a complete dream. I love them all but when applied to the skin they are so so pigmented. I have never experienced anything like it. I prefer a more subtle highlight but they do easily blend out with some work. I always use the Morphe M509 to highlight so maybe fan brush could be easier, Ill need to try it. Also another point about the formula is that they are extremely easy to blend together and especially blending the blue and purples you can create a gorgeous looking duo chrome effect similar to the Kat Von D’s highlight palette.


All in all I love this palette and it is my go to for night’s out and when I’m feeling super boujee but on particular days when its natural makeup then I’ll usually opt for a More natural looking highlight (mostly the mary-loumanizer.

If you want to read any more highlight reviews then here’s a list below of one’s that I’ve reviewed with links.

Makeup Revolution Strobe and Light Palette review.

Laura Mercier Illuminator Review 

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Makeup Revolution Baked highlight Review.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils review for Sensitive Eyes.


Okay so on my blog when I do makeup reviews probably about 60% of the time they’re drugstore so you lucky lucky guys have hit a 40% kinda day because I’m continuing my Mascara series with the YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils. I’m like 90% sure that’s what It’s called but I’m not about to bet my house on it if you get what I mean.

It retails for £25.50 and I bought mine in Jarrolds at a YSL store and I was a bit disappointed to be brutally honest. I hate high end makeup stores in shops because they never say how much the price is until you go to the counter so even if it’s like a gazillion pounds you have to grin and bare it.

So beginning with the packaging. I love it, it’s a gold tube with the YSL logo engraved on the clasp which I looooove and when you close it, it actually clicks shut so that you know that it is entirely shut so there’s no chance of it not being closed properly and drying up. I’ve actually had this mascara for a while so this isn;t a first impression but I wanted to include it because I am using it.

The brush is actually quite nice, it’s quite dense but not massive and isn’t overly hard as a lot of fuller applicators are and the bristles are really short. I’m not sure if that’s actually going to be a help or a hinderance as to the performance so I can’t really comment on that. I can actually see as mascara brushes this one would be on the better side as there’s no chance of poking yourself in the eye or the hard applicator being a contributing factor towards having a reaction.

So actually in regards to the formula, it’s quite disappointing, it doesn’t particularly life or even extend the lashes and with myself having extremely short stubby lashes I need all of the help I can get. I also find it smudgy and actually on occasions has previously made my eyes water but it definitely is wearable so I’m not really sure on what to think about it. I frequently do but usually put a topcoat over of something else.

So here is before:


And here is the after:


I’m actually going to make a ranking system of all of the other mascaras i’ve reviewed and put where it comes to compare and as I have only reviewed one, it’s not going to be particularly long but here we go.

Rimmel London Extra Long Lash

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

No shade but that’s just what it is. I hope that you have enjoyed this review.

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Speak soon,

Hannah x


Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe and Light Palette: Review and Swatches.

Okay so I’m pretty mad, I had written this entire blog and spent over an hour correcting all of my dyslexia induced mistakes and for some reason my computer decided to delete all of my blog posts. So here we go again. Today I am actually reviewing another drugstore product, today being the makeup revolution Ultra Strobe and Light palette. pictured below.


This palette retails for £8 and with 8 shades I think that’s a pretty good price at only £1 per shade. So even if you don’t like all of the colours then there will probably be something that you will like. There is also a variety which have been incorporated and you can tell that somebody has really putten thought into it.

Regarding the formula, I was pleasantly surprised, actually in the pan it looked so chalky but when you swatch your finger through it it’s a really creamy consistency, the only bad point about this shade is that it’s completely full of glitter, like ram packed. So it might be a better palette maybe for festivals or really really extra makeup days or even if you just really really like glitter, you do you.

There’s a massive array of shades in this palette which vary massively, I’m actually quite impressed how the majority of bronzy tones cater towards a much deeper skin tone. Personally I could only wear two of the 8 shades, maybe three if I’m feeling the golden pigment and the rest I really can’t touch for highlight. I could actually use the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th for blush toppers because I don’t mind a bit of glitter in my blush topper so it’s completely multi use.



Here are the finger swatches, excuse the bottom picture as seconds later my child was knocking my camera out of my hands and I didn’t realise until I was uploading the footage late at night.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


Rimmel London Extra Long Lash Review for Sensitive Eyes.

Hi guys,

So I’ve decided to do this new series for all you poor souls out there like myself who suffer with extremely sensitive eyes and find it extremely difficult to find a mascara which does a good job and doesn’t leave us looking like a 2004 emo music video by the end of the day.

Today for my first review I am going to do a new product. I picked this up at the weekend with the concealer that I did a review on the other day and decided to review about the mascara also from a watery eyed human.


So this is a Rimmel London, Extra Long Lash which retails for £4.99 from drugstores. I’m always so sceptical about drugstore mascaras because they’re just so hit and miss and there is literally no way you can have an idea about it before you purchase but I decided to push the boat out and just go for it.


Now please excuse my unruly eyebrows at the minute, I literally have not plucked my eyebrows in close to 6 months but I’m working it. This is my eyelashes before mascara (sobs!) I literally have none which makes it hurt even more that I have sensitive eyes as you don’t even understand I have to plaster that mascara on, layer after layer.

Now I’m not actually wearing any face makeup as It’s so so hot and my hair is super scruffy because I’m going to wash it when Leo has his lunch nap, don’t judge me but the makeup that I am actually wearing is the Mac studio finish concealer in NW10, the NYX eyeshadow base, and violet voss palette for the base shade, transition shade and crease shade for a natural look. For my eyebrows I have literally just put a bit of the ABH DipBrow Pomade in.

On initial inspection the spooly on the Mascara is actually extremely similar to the benefit they’re real mascara. I didn’t manage to get a photo of that before the sprog woke up so Imma just describe it for yall. It’s a long, thin brush which is extremely hard. Maybe slightly harder that the they’re real brush.


This is what the mascara looked like after 2 layers, I don’t curl my lashes because they’re quite delicate and I’ve gotta protect the little bit of what I have so this is actually quite a good end result. The fact that the brush was so hard meant that it’s much easier to separate the lashes if they get clumpy and for 2 layers it’s quite good considering I literally had no lashes.

Regarding what the Mascara actually did for my eyes, they didn’t seem to affect them, I have previously used a different Rimmel London Mascara before and really did not like it. It was panda eyes all round so I’m really impressed. The only thing that could be detrimental against the end effect is the hard brush. The formula of the mascara is pretty good but if you get sensitive eyes from the brushes (which I don’t) then maybe not.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer First Impression and Review.


Like so many others I am still yet to find a drugstore concealer which is my holy grail, sure at this current moment in time I can layer a couple up and after baking look pretty flawless but I want one product that I can put on in .5 on a second before I run out of the house and still look like I have had a full nights uninterrupted sleep (no luck as of yet).


So my hunt begins and I have actually got quite a lot of concealers, I prefer liquid as opposed to cream or anything else so I thought that It would be a good time to try out the ‘Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer’. The outer packaging claims to be anti-fatigue (not sure what they mean by that), Skin brightening and be full of vitamin c.


The colour that I chose was 01 Ivory, and at the price of £5.49 then I really cannot complain. Now this is from the point of view of a person with extremely sensitive eyes, so I find it extremely difficult to find mascaras, eyeliners and concealers because they all make my eyes water and bloodshot, So it may be a bit picky and unnecessary from the point of view of someone without sensitive eyes but trust me it is so valid.


So as you can see this is actually the lightest colour in this collection and also still way too dark for me. I could compare the colouring to the La Girl PRO Concealer which is was so disappointed with. I just don’t understand why all light concealers have to have such a heavy undertone of orange, why can’t I just have a well priced, high coverage, yellow toned concealer which doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out after an hour of putting it on.

So on initial application the applicator is so soft. I am so happy because I’ve previously been using the Revlon concealer and although it is a good concealer the applicator is so hard and pokey, it hurts to apply and I’m not even too mad at the colouring. Even though it is a shade too dark from my usual concealers, I do have a tan and it is brightening. It doesn’t look the same colour as my foundation (or in this case cc cream, it’s a hot day and I can’t deal).

I found that this concealer was anything but brightening, if anything it did the opposite. I put this concealer on with the L’oreal true match foundation in the lightest shade and the concealer almost looked darker than it. Even after I set my foundation with beige rimmel powder and setting my eyes with the elf translucent powder I still didn’t notice any brightening effect.

So my final conclusion is, I found that this concealer was medium coverage but didn’t give the desired brightening effect that it claimed to have. On the other hand it was nice to apply and felt really nice to wear so if you are darker than me then I’m sure it would be a really nice concealer, just not for my skin tone.

Speak soon,

Hannah x



ABH Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches in Requiem and Poet (YouTube Video).

Hello my Angels,

Okay, so i’ve made my Youtube re-debut (not a word but kinda makes sense) and I’m super excited. I had wanted to do this video for ages but I wanted to put a bunch of effort into it as I haven’t seen too many of these liquid lipsticks reviewed, everyone just seems to have them and i wanted to give my honest opinion on them.

I love liquid lipsticks but even more than that I love trying new products, I will rarely buy excessive amounts of the same product but i’m sure that if I did that product would be angel dust or something just as rare.

So if you want to see my review on Poet and Requiem then watch below.

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Speak soon,

Hannah x

Benefit Brow Zings 4 Review.

Hi Guys

Okay so today I have a new product which I’ve been saving for a while to do a review on. It’s the Benefit Brow Zing 4 which my Mum actually picked up at customs when they went on holiday so props to her. I wouldn’t usually try new brow products as I’ve got such a foolproof way of doing my brows with the Anastasia beverly hills Dipbrow Pomade, Nyx blush in the colour taupe and L’oreal brow gel, so cheers mama.

I actually used to use the Benefit ‘Big Beautiful Eyes’ Palette for my eyebrows from about the ages of 13-16 so I already love their products and the whole line of all of their eyebrow products are so cute. They look expensive and worth the money which is good because some products rely on the brand name to be able to sell expensive products and don’t actually try and make it high quality (sorry MAC I still love ya).



So opening the product there is a wax, powder, tweezers and a brush which opens to become double sided which is a cool idea. Usually I would use a more neutral colour for the powder but I can try a warmer brow, let’s be adventurous.


Okay so applying is odd because I’m not used to using brushes like that I either use the Morphe Eyebrow Brush or Urban Decay and pair it with the Morphe Eyeliner brush. and this is not as dense. I also don’t see a point for the rounded brush as I’d use a more sharper brush.

I actually really like the wax and will probably bring it into my routine. For some reason my ABH dipbrow pomade has done something funky and is more like a cream but I still use it and it actually works but the wax is so different I’m able to create hair like strokes which I can’t do with the Pomade as it’s too thick. For my personal taste the wax and the powder is too similar in colour as I like to use the powder as a gradual effect and it’s more difficult to do that but as the wax is thicker you are able to make a much cleaner look. I really actually quite like it. All in all it’s a great concept and the whole line is practical and pretty. I will probably be incorporating this into my rotating routine and could even slide it’s way into my day to day.

What’s your favourite eyebrow Product?

Speak soon,

Hannah x