Some days I thank the world for nap times.

Okay, so to begin with I’m going to straight away back up the point which I’m about to make. I spent about 40 minutes on my first draft of a blog post and suddenly the entire website crashed. Someone is not looking out for me today. So here is take two of my post today. I love reading blogs to the point where I actually have 6 or 7 ladies who I read their blogs pretty much every single day and dozens more where I check up on a few times a week. I just love seeing everybody lies styles and connecting with individuals through their perspectives on their lives and creativity. It’s wonderful. But there’s one thing that has always got my goat a little bit when it comes to bloggers, especially the more arty parenting bloggers and that’s just how effortless and positive everything is. Now for the majority of the time I love that, but sometimes it’s just makes me feel ever so slightly useless and that’s what I’ve tried to portray since beginning blogging over a year ago. (I know that I have only been blogging for about 10 months but I did actually have a cringy first blog which was scrapped but somewhere on the World Wide Web is still existing).

Every single person has days where they feel overwhelmed or wonder how people cope with certain things and I believe that we should celebrate these things and let everyone know that we’re on all on the same boat. I could’ve written a blog post today on something fabricated or just ignored the baby part and written about a beauty Which I’m not going to lie I’ve actually previously done on the odd occasion but I’ve decided to bite the bullet today.

To be honest today isn’t as bad as yesterday, possibly because it’d be quite difficult to make today as bad or worse than yesterday. Yesterday I had to graciously say goodbye to my laptop (thanks to a shove on the screen from a overzealous baby) and also to my landline phone (thanks to a still overzealous baby who tried to help me clean the toilet). I also had moaning pretty much none stop and for some reason Leo felt the need to climb on possibly everything accessible to him. It was a hard hard day.


today I still have a wingy poorly baby but he seems pretty content to cuddle up and watch cartoons with me which is nice because I feel super duper poorly too.

On another positive note I haven’t worn any makeup in a few days and my skins cleared up nicely and I feel fresh. Always look on the bright side.



Pampering Myself With a Baby.

Hello my lovelies,

When you have children the two hour baths and booked in massages aren’t really on the table anymore (shock horror) so any time to make yourself feel nice is a wonderful wonderful treat. Personally, I love to be able to wind down and feel calm and wonderful after a hectic day of chasing after debatably the worlds most excitable and independent baby and when I do it makes me feel like a new woman. Sometimes even showering makes me feel like a new woman, so when I was challenged by eSalon to let all of you guys know how I pamper myself after a long day I completely jumped at the challenge. If you want to check out more about them and their custom hair colours then make sure that you click
and also let me know how you like to pamper yourself.

Hot Showers.

There is literally nothing better in the world than a nice hot shower after a busy day, I do love a bath but unfortunately I don’t get much time to look after myself without the wonderful caws and giggles of a miniature human. Fortunately he finds showers really funny and even funnier when I splash him occasionally so I can usually stretch that out to about ten minute which I appreciate wholeheartedly. I have spent so much money on fancy expensive hair treatments and products but it’s like my body rejects luxury. I just end up horrible hair so it’s poundland shower gel and my hair looks like as good as it’s going to. 


Here’s a super tired baby waiting for me to finish my shower to sleep.

Taking all of my makeup off

This is a pretty standard thing to be honest but I’m not going to lie. Usually when I take my makeup off it’s a quick scrub of my face before putting a baby to bed. Even though I probably take the same amount of makeup off both times, the more time you take in removing it the nicer you feel. When I get the time to scrub my face for more than 30 seconds I feel like a new born baby. Excuse my face, I’ve substituted not being comfortable and disliking taking photos with no makeup to just trying to be ridiculous.

Early Dinner

Usually I like to wait until Ricardo is home to start making dinner at about half past 8 but on days where I want to feel like a princess I have to put a little bit more effort in in the hours beforehand. I detest cooking dinner when Leo’s in the kitchen with me because I always end up burning or dinner or having to listen to Moana 40,000 times so that Leo doesn’t get overly bored. It’s worth it so that I can get Leo’s dinner and into his pj’s as early as possible. (Usually when I’m trying to get him to sleep he can sense it like spiderman and he’s awake until stupid O’clock. I swear it’s a super power).


Here is a sleepy squidgy baby for you.

Changing the bed Sheets. 

It sounds like a trivial thing but changing the bed sheets for me is like the most incredible thing in the world. In my head I feel like I’m royalty. I don’t get the best sleep on the best of day anyway so being comfortable and awake at 4am is the best that I am going to get.

Face masks.

I have only recently realised how much that I love face masks but I can promise you I have probably done the equivalent of someone who has been doing them for years. My favourite face masks are actually the Super Drug own brand peel of masks but tonight I’m using my close favourite which is the Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Face Mask. Usually I prefer peel off face masks, mainly because peeling it off is the most satisfying thing ever but I can tell you categorically that I’ve been a day one PVA Glue peeler. Genuinely I remember when I was 8 or 9 and I’d ‘accidently’ spill PVA glue on my hands so I could peel it off. I really hope that I’m not the only one who did that. The Soap and Glory face mask is also super satisfying because after applying it genuinely makes your face feel super warm. Once I had convinced Rico to let me give him a DIY spa experience and gave him this face mask and the look of sheer panic that crossed his face was priceless. Unfortunately I hadn’t told him that it would heat up because it was the third or fourth product that I had used on them and I was just splooshing through them at that point and he told me he thought that he was having a bad reaction to the face mask. 


My Pampering routine isn’t the most extravagant but it is for me. When I get the time to look after and love myself I feel refreshed and super happy and to be perfectly honest every mum and non-mum needs to make time to wind down and feel wonderful about themselves. I’d love to know how you guys pamper yourself. 

Trips out With a Toddling Baby.

I don’t think I did an actual blog post on Leo learning to walk but it’s here, he’s been toddling about unsteadily for the last week and genuinely is so proud of himself. I’m pretty proud of him too in all honesty. He’s so happy and proud of himself and wants to walk literally everywhere and seeing him doing something which he really wants to do is lovely, usually he get’s quite frustrated because he’s so close to so many milestones but just needs that little bit of extra help so seeing the joy and pride on his face if either my friends, Ricardo or myself praise him is everything that I enjoy about being a mumma.

The day after he officially started toddling ,I went out and bought him some lovely little trainers and Desert shoes instead of the slipper canvas shoe he had before so he can toddle outside and it was so worth it. I pushed him in the buggy to his dads bus stop yesterday whih is probably a 5 minute walk, slightly less and let him walk home holding my hand. I was kind of worried that he’d want to walk off without me but he held my hand so nicely and walked in the direction which I pointed to. Granted, it did take 40 entire minutes to walk him home but we did have to stop to wave at every single car which passed, watched the bin man empty the bins by our local shop and attempt to pick up every single leaf which had fallen off one tree so all in all he did quite well I had to pick him up for the final 50 meters and when we got home he climbed on my lap, curled up and fell asleep watching trolls. I genuinely loved every single second of it and seeing him reaching all of his milestones makes my heart burst with pride.

In the evening we decided to go for our monthly trip to Wagamamas and I took my friends Courtney and Danielle for their first experiences with Rico meeting us there after work. Leo toddled all of the way from the car park and seeing the encouragement from my friends (who he literally adores) was even more sweet. Unfortunately now he’s walking he doesn’t want to sit still, so our usually quite easy trip to wagas was  quite difficult until the food came out because Leo just wanted to show off.


Here’s a before and after shot of Leo’s dinner in Wagamamas. I had to apologise whole heartedly for the amount of mess hes made and the thought of all of that rice on the floor made my mumma heart break.

We’re going to go to the Dinosaur Park on Thursday which Leo has been to once before. If you want to read that blog then you can click HERE and see but it’ll be the first time that he’s been able to walk and hasn’t been confined to a pram or a hip for the majority of the journey so that’ll be fun. I’ll deffo be blogging about it so look out for that.

speak soon,

Hannah x

Teething with a Vengeance.

You know those times when you wait and hope for something to happen so much and when it does it’s nothing like you expected and you almost scald your past self. Well that’s the predicament that I’m in right now.  When Leo was maybe 4 or 5 months we had the hint of one tooth and I was so excited, it didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest and I thought that it would be the start of our teething journey but unfortunately he didn’t want anymore teeth at that point.

Almost 6 months later and at 10 months, I wonder why I used to pray for his teeth to come in and I was getting so worried he was going to be a gummy cutie for his entire life I’d done the dreaded google on a couple of occasions. It just turned out that he was waiting until he was just 10 months for them all to raise their adorable shattering faces?

It’s almost been two weeks and we have two teeth half way through and two which are just beginning to cut through his gums and it’s even more horrendous that I thought. I haven’t had the stereotypical temperature but my god have I had a grumpy baby, It’s so difficult to watch because lilo rarely ever grumbles at all apart from when he’s tired or hungry but he has been super cuddly for the past couple of weeks so it’s not all bad. It’s just a pity that they haven’t come through more in stages because I think it’s even more uncomfortable than usual as there are so many coming through at once.

The only thing that I am enjoying about this teething journey is the adorable faces that he now pulls, he looks even cuter with his top and bottom tooth and he’s learned to scrunch his face up which he does frequently. Here’s a photo set of the many faces of Lilo.

Are there any mumma’s out there with any good teething advice?

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Baby Led Weaning and so It Begins.

And so it begins, a new stage in leo’s life that I’ve been so excited for. Leo is finally starting baby led weaning, I’m not sure that I can actually call it that as Leo has been on pureed for a while but I just don’t think that it’s stimulating enough for him. He enjoys being able to participate in everything that I ever do and when I feed him with a baby spoon he just really wants to feed himself and snatches the spoon out of my hands every 2 seconds. I think that it will improve his gross and fine motor skills and also his hand eye coordination incredible amounts and he’ll find it more enjoyable.

Another reason is because the only food he really likes is fruit and I’ve been having to add fruit to everything I’ve pureed so maybe if he’s eating just normal food then he will find more tastes that he enjoys and we will be able to expand his diet. I actually started BLW with Leo yesterday and gave him scrambled egg and toast but mixed it all with fruit purees so that he could get used to the new textures as opposed to the taste because it may put him off, so I’ll slowly incorporate more tastes and textures.

I’m going to start with kiwi, pears, apples, mangos, carrots, potato, rice, pasta, toast and similar foods and possibly add fish later on. I was actually debating only giving him a vegetarian diet but I know some people who have been raised veggie and have resented it about their parents when they grew up so I’m not going to do that. I will let him make his own decisions when he is older.

It’s such an exciting stage with having a child because it’s like they’re becoming more and more like a toddler. Me and Rico actually say this all the time how he doesn’t seem like a baby in the sense of wa wa eat sleep and poop baby because he’s so aware of everything but it’s so lovely as well because he’s able to enjoy so much more and be incorporated in a lot of things that we do.


Here is Leo’s lunch today which is egg noodles and sweetcorn.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Tips on Writing Blogs with a Baby.

So finding time to write my blog posts isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially with a baby. I remember back to the days when I was pregnant and I would sit down and write a blog for an hour and a half straight and now wonder why I took that took all of that free time for advantage (on the same note of blogging whilst pregnant it’s almost my one year blogiversary, not on this blog but I had a different one directly before this one so Yaaay).

I actually get asked quite a bit by people I know how I spend time to write blogs multiple times a week with a baby and to be honest, sometimes I don’t even know. It is common knowledge that babies do take up a lot of time and even when they’re not pooping, eating, crying or crawling to every dangerous appliance a 10 meter proximity they still need constant attention so I have written down and compiled a small list of tips which I use to write my blogs.

  1. Nap times. Nap times are so essential, the majority of my blogs are written during Leo’s naps. He’s at an age where he still takes 3 naps a day so I use at least one of those, usually the lunch or evening nap to write my blogs.IMG_1228.JPG
  2. Write down ideas. I purchased the cutest notebook for 2 pounds the other day and when I just have a little idea of a blog posts that come into my head at random times. I can doodle and take 2 seconds jotting things down and it is so much easier than using the macbookIMG_1238.JPG
  3. Be patient.  Sometimes there are some days where Leo doesn’t want to sit quietly with a bottle or have ANY naps so sometimes I just need to accept that I am only going to be able to write 3 words a minute in between chucking plastic balls into a bucket to entertain my child.
  4. Use a timer. Ok, so sometimes it is 2am and I have been awake since 5am the previous day and the only thing I can think of to do is to sit up in bed and write a blog post. If you use wordpress like me (I’m not sure about other forms of media) then you can time all of your posts. On a couple of occasions I’ve banged out 3 poss in one sitting and not had to write a post in a week because I’ve timed them all to come out on different days.IMG_1235
  5. Have fun Do not think that it is a necessity to write. If you feel like it has gotten to the point where you really don’t want to do anything at all least of all update your ‘top 5 breakfast snacks’ then don’t. Everyone has to have a break and on some occasions I have taken 2 to 3 week breaks just to get myself in a frame of mind where I have enjoyed writing again. I started writing to give myself an identity again and something in the day to look forward to so when It becomes a chore then I will no longer persist.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tips.

If you have any tips, please let me know down below.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Periods after Pregnancy.

Periods, something I have never actually discussed on my blog but guess what guys I’m going for a revamp. Looking back at all of my blog posts recently I feel like I’ve strayed off topic and in doing so lost passion for writing. I enjoy what I have been recently writing about and it seems to receive a larger audience but I haven’t been having the excitement of an idea popping in my head, planning it and making sure that it’s the best work that I can do. So sorry if this offends you but I’m going to get a hell of a lot more frank on here.

With all of the highs and lows of pregnancy I can say without a doubt one of the best things you experience is the 9 month lack of periods. Forget all of the back ache, cramps, sickness, tiredness and other joys of pregnancy, it’s so much easier knowing you are free from the demon for the foreseeable future.

But what happens once it returns, you should be able to deal with it easily shouldn’t you. I mean you literally created and birthed an entire human but unfortunately life does not work out like that. Literally one of the only bright spots about breastfeeding once I reached the end of my tether was my lack of period and even the joy of no more mastitis, shared feeding and all round discomfort was tinged by my period returning.

So why is it just as unpleasant? Hasn’t my life experience toughened me up? I don’t even think it comes down to that. There’s no hormones or reason to want to deal with periods, no good thing comes out of it in the end and there’s certainly no adrenaline, I feel just as sad and wingy as I did when I was a 13 year old  but being a mother does something to you that you can’t get any other way. It just makes you want to get on with things and this is coming from a person who is notorious for feeling sorry for them. you can’t explain it, no matter how bad you feel, you feel it but you can ignore it for your little ones sake which is a really humbling experience.

I also find this with my bad mental health days, yes my mental health has improved by 10 fold but there are still some days when the last thing I want to do is get out of bed. I want to hibernate for days and days and days and in doing so makes me sad for days but now I find that even if I’m feeling dreadful I always get up and within the next couple of hours feel right as rain and that’s how I become so thankful of Leo, I do everything for me but he does the same amount for me because without him nobody would be fed, or dressed or go out or mentally stimulated.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

My Baby Is Crawling.

Hello my lovelies,

So I am probably known for creating blogs which miss the mark ever so slightly but when you’re a parent every ooh and aww seem like a sentence and every accidental reach too far is definitely a crawl but I have 100% proof that you cannot fault at all.

Okay so Leo is definitely crawling, not confidently and still kind of army shuffling his way along but he is getting from point A to Point B when he wants to. I was actually quite shocked when he decided he was ready because he’s only 5 months and on all of the websites it says babies usually start crawling at 6-9 months on average but he is such a strong baby it’s insane. Even the health visitor, who used to come over she said how strong he was when he had his heel prick. She couldn’t keep his foot still when she tried to get a sample.

I’m going off topic but I’m super duper proud and also really pleased for him as he always wants to be active and mobile but can’t without me so gets really agitated when he’s been put down.

I stopped doing my month by month update because he’s just smashing these milestones so quickly I can’t keep up and I’m enjoying just living in the moment which I know is the exact opposite of everything I have said for months.

Here’s a little video of Leo crawling.


Speak soon,

Hannah x

Babies First Word (kinda)

When people talk about their children’s first words, more often than not they’re so sure and assertive as to where, when and what the word was and to be brutally honest I was fully expecting to be one of those. I’ve always scolded my mum for having no clue what our first word was or when but I completely understand now. What constitutes as a baby’s first word? Is it just when they make a noise or when they understand what they’re saying?

I am an optimist so I am going to take this awkward bundle of noises that my son is now saying as his first word even though I would love to swear against him saying ‘Dada’ before ‘Mumma’ but hey-ho, kids will never do what you want. What makes it even cuter is that Leo has both of his bottom teeth coming through so it’s a lispy, dribbly mess. I’ve even managed to include a cute little video.


To celebrate the weather and this huge milestone, we decided to go to the park. I actually only discovered this part a couple of days ago but I am so pleased that we now have a gorgeous little baby park less than 5 minutes away from our flat so that I can take him out easily during the week when Rico is at work because I’m sometimes a bit dubious about taking him out and about on my own because it’s so much hassle with the stairs to our flat but I can just strap him into the baby carrier and take a bottle in my bag and we’ll be fun.

I’m so pleased it’s beautiful weather because Leo is now able to get out of his pram without being bundled in 30 layers or hats, scarves, coats and blankets and can be more mobile outside of the flat which he really loves.

Speak soon,

Hannah x