US- Film Review 2019

I’m going to start off this review with a massive spoiler alert. I’m not as subtle as many other film reviewers I’ve read where they tease you with minute details but ultimately don’t reveal much. That is not me and I just clunk my way through my life, so if you haven’t seen the film. Well, you have been warned.

The film Us is one of the only Horror genre films that I can truly say that I was looking forward to, in fact I believe that I can safely say that anything really with Jordan Peele’s input in, I will be looking forward to. Teaming up with Luptia Nyong’o (playing Adelaide) who is a great actress and all round nice person, I was thoroughly excited.

The film begins with a young Adelaide entering a house of mirrors as a young girl, being shockingly confronted by her doppelgänger and rightly so seemingly becoming traumatised into temporary muteness. Fast forward a few years and an older Adelaide her husband Gabe and children Zora and Jason are returning back to the beach in which she was originally traumatised where they meet with family friends. The first notion that something is amiss is when they are driving through the town and see a man being stretchered off into an ambulance dead and sliced up. A number of small events which indicate later occurrences happen until the point where they are confronted by there doppelgängers who from the offset make it pretty clear that they are there for revenge.

Considering that Us has had loads to live up to in regards to get out, I think it did really well. Unfortunately from the beginning I assumed (wrongly) that it would be following similar lines to get out with the deeper hidden meanings pretty much everywhere you looked and sat analysising probably a lot more that I should and getting the wrong end of the stick from the start, especially as there were a lot of similarities to Get Out in regards to little snippets of information here and there. After finishing the film I had a quick scour of the internet to try and see what I had missed and apparently hardly any theories had been thrown out into the world wide web apart from Redditt where you’ll get a theory for everything and it’s mother so I didn’t feel like I had missed anything massive. Also under the illusion that the attack would be specifically towards the Wilson family themselves, possibly a haunting and was so relieved when it tailed off into the interesting and original clones residing in underground tunnels idea. I am always telling my Fiancee that I can’t stand haunting films because 99% they follow the same format and the big twist will most of the time be that everybody dies. The only other criticism that I had towards the film was just how pathetic the clones seemed to be, easily killed and easily avoided which in retrospect makes sense seeing as they are not supposed to have any extra abilities.

Apart from those criticism’s I loved the film, I loved all of the acting and think that the variety of skills you would need as an actor to confront yourself with such different personalities is extremely impressive, especially the children, the fact that there was not a single jump scare and I was sitting there with my fingers over my face peeking through the gap was phenomenal directing from Jordan Peele and I really did not see the twist coming at all (my attempt at preventing spoilers is not revealing the twist at the end, feeble I know). All in all a really great films.

I’ll give it a 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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