Learning to love myself After Having a Baby.

I‘ve dealt with body confidence issues for all of my life. There have been periods of time when my entire self worth was based on how much I appreciated my body and other times when I couldn’t even look at myself naked in a bathroom mirror without cringing. One of the things that I was most worried about after having leo was how I was going to perceive myself and to be honest it went pretty much as expected.

From the time Leo was born up until recently I have been dealing with a lot of self-hatred and difficulty accepting my new weight. I went from a size 12 to a size 18 which is a massive jump and the fact that I didn’t fit into the majority of my old clothes really made me feel uncomfortable going out and even just seeing people.

I was so infatuated with the weight that I had put on and the way that my body had changed I didn’t realise that it’s normal and obsessing over pounds and stretch marks is unhealthy, so the past couple of weeks I have tried massively to change my view. Instead of obsessing over my weight I am now concentrating on being healthy in general. So getting exercise and eating healthy is my new priority. I’m not going to worry about the way my body looks because as long as I treat myself well, in theory I should feel well about myself.

I dealt with my weight gain for a long time with binge eating unhealthy food which is so so unhealthy for your mental, physical health and every single thing else. I did not value myself so didn’t treat myself. Now I am making a conscious effort to home cook everything, not eat in between meals and doing exercise at home.

So I exercise by going outside everyday but I also make a conscious effort to do sit ups when Leo is in his chair as he finds that exercise the most entertaining (every time I sit up I make faces at him and he finds it hilarious). I increase the amount of sit ups I do a day by 5 and a currently on 50 a day. I find it the most motivating way to exercise consistently.


This is the current weight that I am at and I feel so so happy.

Speak soon,

Hannah x




Hello my lovelies,

It was literally three weeks ago that I was writing a post about receiving 500 followers and now I have just hit 600. Every single day I feel like I enjoy blogging more and more and seeing positive reactions and growth is just the icing on the cake.

Being a blogger, especially about parenting is a real community and the sense of being able to have a little rant and someone reply and genuinely be interested or helpful is a really nice feeling. I’m so thankful for every single thing that I have in my life and everyone who follows my blog and the ability to express myself in the way that I want.

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YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils review for Sensitive Eyes.


Okay so on my blog when I do makeup reviews probably about 60% of the time they’re drugstore so you lucky lucky guys have hit a 40% kinda day because I’m continuing my Mascara series with the YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils. I’m like 90% sure that’s what It’s called but I’m not about to bet my house on it if you get what I mean.

It retails for £25.50 and I bought mine in Jarrolds at a YSL store and I was a bit disappointed to be brutally honest. I hate high end makeup stores in shops because they never say how much the price is until you go to the counter so even if it’s like a gazillion pounds you have to grin and bare it.

So beginning with the packaging. I love it, it’s a gold tube with the YSL logo engraved on the clasp which I looooove and when you close it, it actually clicks shut so that you know that it is entirely shut so there’s no chance of it not being closed properly and drying up. I’ve actually had this mascara for a while so this isn;t a first impression but I wanted to include it because I am using it.

The brush is actually quite nice, it’s quite dense but not massive and isn’t overly hard as a lot of fuller applicators are and the bristles are really short. I’m not sure if that’s actually going to be a help or a hinderance as to the performance so I can’t really comment on that. I can actually see as mascara brushes this one would be on the better side as there’s no chance of poking yourself in the eye or the hard applicator being a contributing factor towards having a reaction.

So actually in regards to the formula, it’s quite disappointing, it doesn’t particularly life or even extend the lashes and with myself having extremely short stubby lashes I need all of the help I can get. I also find it smudgy and actually on occasions has previously made my eyes water but it definitely is wearable so I’m not really sure on what to think about it. I frequently do but usually put a topcoat over of something else.

So here is before:


And here is the after:


I’m actually going to make a ranking system of all of the other mascaras i’ve reviewed and put where it comes to compare and as I have only reviewed one, it’s not going to be particularly long but here we go.

Rimmel London Extra Long Lash

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

No shade but that’s just what it is. I hope that you have enjoyed this review.

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Hannah x


Baby Led Weaning and so It Begins.

And so it begins, a new stage in leo’s life that I’ve been so excited for. Leo is finally starting baby led weaning, I’m not sure that I can actually call it that as Leo has been on pureed for a while but I just don’t think that it’s stimulating enough for him. He enjoys being able to participate in everything that I ever do and when I feed him with a baby spoon he just really wants to feed himself and snatches the spoon out of my hands every 2 seconds. I think that it will improve his gross and fine motor skills and also his hand eye coordination incredible amounts and he’ll find it more enjoyable.

Another reason is because the only food he really likes is fruit and I’ve been having to add fruit to everything I’ve pureed so maybe if he’s eating just normal food then he will find more tastes that he enjoys and we will be able to expand his diet. I actually started BLW with Leo yesterday and gave him scrambled egg and toast but mixed it all with fruit purees so that he could get used to the new textures as opposed to the taste because it may put him off, so I’ll slowly incorporate more tastes and textures.

I’m going to start with kiwi, pears, apples, mangos, carrots, potato, rice, pasta, toast and similar foods and possibly add fish later on. I was actually debating only giving him a vegetarian diet but I know some people who have been raised veggie and have resented it about their parents when they grew up so I’m not going to do that. I will let him make his own decisions when he is older.

It’s such an exciting stage with having a child because it’s like they’re becoming more and more like a toddler. Me and Rico actually say this all the time how he doesn’t seem like a baby in the sense of wa wa eat sleep and poop baby because he’s so aware of everything but it’s so lovely as well because he’s able to enjoy so much more and be incorporated in a lot of things that we do.


Here is Leo’s lunch today which is egg noodles and sweetcorn.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe and Light Palette: Review and Swatches.

Okay so I’m pretty mad, I had written this entire blog and spent over an hour correcting all of my dyslexia induced mistakes and for some reason my computer decided to delete all of my blog posts. So here we go again. Today I am actually reviewing another drugstore product, today being the makeup revolution Ultra Strobe and Light palette. pictured below.


This palette retails for £8 and with 8 shades I think that’s a pretty good price at only £1 per shade. So even if you don’t like all of the colours then there will probably be something that you will like. There is also a variety which have been incorporated and you can tell that somebody has really putten thought into it.

Regarding the formula, I was pleasantly surprised, actually in the pan it looked so chalky but when you swatch your finger through it it’s a really creamy consistency, the only bad point about this shade is that it’s completely full of glitter, like ram packed. So it might be a better palette maybe for festivals or really really extra makeup days or even if you just really really like glitter, you do you.

There’s a massive array of shades in this palette which vary massively, I’m actually quite impressed how the majority of bronzy tones cater towards a much deeper skin tone. Personally I could only wear two of the 8 shades, maybe three if I’m feeling the golden pigment and the rest I really can’t touch for highlight. I could actually use the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th for blush toppers because I don’t mind a bit of glitter in my blush topper so it’s completely multi use.



Here are the finger swatches, excuse the bottom picture as seconds later my child was knocking my camera out of my hands and I didn’t realise until I was uploading the footage late at night.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


Help! I Can’t Stop Sleep Walking.

Morning guys,

I know what you’re thinking, Clickbait? Unfortunately not, I would love for this post to be exactly that, I really would but I genuinely cannot stop sleep walking and to be honest  this is more of a cry for help than a blog post. I have never frequently sleep walked before, if ever? and to be quite real with you I never ever thought I would suffer with this weird ailment in my life.

It began like most parents the sleepless nights, getting up regularly to feed and comfort their baby. We have gone through a lot of different stages with Leo’s sleeping pattern from sleeping in his moses basket, to him developing bronchitis and co-sleeping to attempting, to get him to sleep in his cot and failing, to him finally becoming ready to sleep in his cot and now me preventing him.

Now a pretty standard night will start with Leo falling asleep at about 8:30pm and sleeping through until at least 11pm. I will always feed him and put him back in his cot and go to sleep but every single morning without fail, I will wake up to his charming little face either poking me in the eye or crawling over my head. This means I either have an extremely clever child who can get out of their cot which is 3/4 their height crawl over to our bed and climb up into our bed (not likely at all) or I’m sleep walking and just bringing him into the bed every night.

I am pretty open when I say I have no problem with co-sleeping. I understand the risk and I do everything that I can to make it as safe for him as possible. We have a huge bed guard, he sleeps away from rico and never has any of the duvet or pillows. Like I said before we co-slept from about 2-6 months so that is not my issue. My issue is that I want him to stay in a regular routine which is easy for everybody involved and to be honest I have no idea what to do and the thought of me picking him up and feeding him when I’m in a delirious state makes me completely uneasy.

I’ve tried everything I can at this stage to prevent this from happening, I’ve moved Leo’s cot into the furthest point in our room so I physically have to get up and pick him up as opposed to before when his cot was pushed next to my bed but even that didn’t work.

So what I’m trying to say if their are any mamas who have dealt with this or have even just any suggestions or tips, please can you give me some advice. I genuinely don’t know what to do at this point?

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Day out at the Norfolk Show.

I have never been to the Norfolk show before and I feel quite honestly if I’d have gone before I had Leo I would have dragged my feet the entire way around in a mood, so it’s worked out nicely. Since I’ve had my baby I have realised what’s important and that’s my family and Leo. I appreciate my parents and jump at the chance of going out with them now, especially on days out which Leo is starting to enjoy more and more. So the Norfolk show with my mum was a chance I jumped at and it was wonderful.

There were hundreds of stalls and shows and it exceeded my expectations massively, there was even a stall that my work had hired out which I didn’t even realise.

Leo’s still quite little so he didn’t find the main events particularly entertaining, he found entertainment in all of the scaffolding which surrounded the different events and ended up constantly wanted to lick the metal. each to their own. We also watched the horses going around and Leo’s just learned how to clap so he found great enjoyment in clapping and getting praised everytime everyone else clapped. There was such a variety of different activities, it was really wonderful.


There were multiple tents for all of the different animals which included, goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, and cows. Fun fact, I have actually always wanted chickens in my garden but have a bit of a phobia of birds (and after proof reading this blog I realised I actually don’t have a garden right now, just a balcony) I really like the silkie chickens though they’re so little and cute and fluffy, I think that they’d be made for me.



And then it came to the tent that I was looking forward to, the food tent which was actually the busiest. It was full of every kind of food and I managed to grab probably more than a dozen different samples which was the highlight of my day actually. There is a definite finesse that you have to learn when you are trying to take all of the samples of food without buying anything which includes having the best small talk ever.


Have any of you guys been to the Norfolk show?

speak soon,

Hannah x