Some Days are Just Nappy Days.

I love bloggers who are brutally honest, they are literally the angels who flew down from heaven. The people who are completely happy to say that their child just spit up in their hair or they forgot to give their child dinner before they go to bed because everyone does it and as much as I love so so many different varieties of blogs including the ones who are all super duper happy all day and nothing ever goes wrong it can be a bit of a blow to your motivation when you read these peoples blogs and realise that you can’t do that.

I promise you that everyone is the same, everyone has days where they wish they could cry and sleep and eat horrible food and pawn your child off on a family member because it’s just too much and I promise that it’s completely ok. Parenting is such a learning curve every single day and sometimes you are doing 2 loads of washing with a baby under your arm on 2 hours sleep whilst feeling happy and don’t give it a second thought. Think about how incredible that is.

So I thought that I’d just give context to my day so far. Leo didn’t want to go to sleep until about 12:30 last night when his bedtime is usually 8:30pm and it is now 1:06 pm the next day and we still haven’t napped so I can imagine today is going to be similar. He has been running around butt naked and everytime I come near him with a nappy he screams at me so I am just letting him watch peppa pig whilst playing with the nappy he should be wearing because I am just too tired to argue with him. On the other hand I got a cute video of him shaking his booty to ‘bubble butt’ which was entertaining but I have to hoover, iron the washing, clean all of the kitchen and go to the shops to get something for dinner but I am completely procrastinating with this blog post so thanks guys for that.

I hope if any mamas out their are having a bad day they realise that it’s ok and you don’t need to be perfect every single day at all and just to enjoy the tiny little points in a day. Comparing yourself to someone is the worst thing that you could do and it’s important to always hold yourself to your personal standard and not someone else’s because you never know what goes on behind the closed door.

Here’s a couple of photos of Leo mid yawn and then laughing at himself for yawning.


Speak soon,

Hannah x


7 day Exercise Experiment for Sustaining a Positive Mental Health. End Result.

If you haven’t read my first blog post in this tiny, mini series then you can do so if you click the link HERE and that will basically sum up what’s going on but if you can’t be bothered (I don’t blame you at all) then that’s fine.

So I’ve been feeling pretty happy recently and decided that for once I was going to help sustain my positivity. I’m fed up of feeling happy for a while and then crashing down and I’ve tried methods to raise my levels when I’m down but I’ve never taken my future into my hands to make positive steps.

So for an entire week I decided to do 30 minutes exercise before lunch every single day to see how I felt after and whether it help me stay happy and whether I could continue the exercise.

Usually when I am having negative spells I find it difficult to tidy, look after myself and 100% of my energy goes into looking after Leo and not much else. Previously before Leo I would just lay in bed and would find it so difficult to even do the simplest tasks. I’m sick of feeling like this but have had pretty bad experiences with counselling and being prescribed meds so I’m going to do a number of different tasks by myself for myself.

So the week started off pretty well, I actually managed to do loads of things and had a really busy week. i managed to do all of my washing and ironing and kept the house tidy and had time to concentrate on Leo which was nice and even when I was exercising it didn’t even really feel like it because we just went to the park multiple times which was really sweet. I think if Leo could spend all day everywhere just attempting to eat the sand then he would for sure. He spent the entire week just in a state of being cheery and happy.

I have to say towards the end of the week I did actually feel quite down, not because I was having a low spell but it was a week before my period and I always get a bit low and emotional but I did still manage to do all of my exercise and housework, I didn’t even cancel on anybody because I am notorious for doing that when I am having a low spell.

All in all I think it was entirely worth while. I’m actually taking a stand to exercise more in general and am trying to go out on work out based fast walks at least 2 or 3 days a week which will hopefully continue the spell of feeling on top of the world.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Rimmel London Extra Long Lash Review for Sensitive Eyes.

Hi guys,

So I’ve decided to do this new series for all you poor souls out there like myself who suffer with extremely sensitive eyes and find it extremely difficult to find a mascara which does a good job and doesn’t leave us looking like a 2004 emo music video by the end of the day.

Today for my first review I am going to do a new product. I picked this up at the weekend with the concealer that I did a review on the other day and decided to review about the mascara also from a watery eyed human.


So this is a Rimmel London, Extra Long Lash which retails for £4.99 from drugstores. I’m always so sceptical about drugstore mascaras because they’re just so hit and miss and there is literally no way you can have an idea about it before you purchase but I decided to push the boat out and just go for it.


Now please excuse my unruly eyebrows at the minute, I literally have not plucked my eyebrows in close to 6 months but I’m working it. This is my eyelashes before mascara (sobs!) I literally have none which makes it hurt even more that I have sensitive eyes as you don’t even understand I have to plaster that mascara on, layer after layer.

Now I’m not actually wearing any face makeup as It’s so so hot and my hair is super scruffy because I’m going to wash it when Leo has his lunch nap, don’t judge me but the makeup that I am actually wearing is the Mac studio finish concealer in NW10, the NYX eyeshadow base, and violet voss palette for the base shade, transition shade and crease shade for a natural look. For my eyebrows I have literally just put a bit of the ABH DipBrow Pomade in.

On initial inspection the spooly on the Mascara is actually extremely similar to the benefit they’re real mascara. I didn’t manage to get a photo of that before the sprog woke up so Imma just describe it for yall. It’s a long, thin brush which is extremely hard. Maybe slightly harder that the they’re real brush.


This is what the mascara looked like after 2 layers, I don’t curl my lashes because they’re quite delicate and I’ve gotta protect the little bit of what I have so this is actually quite a good end result. The fact that the brush was so hard meant that it’s much easier to separate the lashes if they get clumpy and for 2 layers it’s quite good considering I literally had no lashes.

Regarding what the Mascara actually did for my eyes, they didn’t seem to affect them, I have previously used a different Rimmel London Mascara before and really did not like it. It was panda eyes all round so I’m really impressed. The only thing that could be detrimental against the end effect is the hard brush. The formula of the mascara is pretty good but if you get sensitive eyes from the brushes (which I don’t) then maybe not.

Speak soon,

Hannah x



Hello my lovely humanoids,

I am so so happy today because I finally hit 500 followers which is super exciting. I know that doesn’t sound like much I started this blog 8 months ago and only really expected to be blogging for only a couple of months before I got distracted and moved onto something else like I do with pretty much every single one of my hobbies.

So being able to grow and progress so much in 8 months has been a really positive thing in my life. It has helped with my anxiety and motivation and just keeping my own identity and not dying of loneliness and I have also met some really rad people in similar situations or with the same interests, it’s been such a positive part of my life and I am proud of myself for how far I have come on my own.




So thank you for joining my sometimes pointless ramblings, I thoroughly, thoroughly appreciate it.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer First Impression and Review.


Like so many others I am still yet to find a drugstore concealer which is my holy grail, sure at this current moment in time I can layer a couple up and after baking look pretty flawless but I want one product that I can put on in .5 on a second before I run out of the house and still look like I have had a full nights uninterrupted sleep (no luck as of yet).


So my hunt begins and I have actually got quite a lot of concealers, I prefer liquid as opposed to cream or anything else so I thought that It would be a good time to try out the ‘Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer’. The outer packaging claims to be anti-fatigue (not sure what they mean by that), Skin brightening and be full of vitamin c.


The colour that I chose was 01 Ivory, and at the price of £5.49 then I really cannot complain. Now this is from the point of view of a person with extremely sensitive eyes, so I find it extremely difficult to find mascaras, eyeliners and concealers because they all make my eyes water and bloodshot, So it may be a bit picky and unnecessary from the point of view of someone without sensitive eyes but trust me it is so valid.


So as you can see this is actually the lightest colour in this collection and also still way too dark for me. I could compare the colouring to the La Girl PRO Concealer which is was so disappointed with. I just don’t understand why all light concealers have to have such a heavy undertone of orange, why can’t I just have a well priced, high coverage, yellow toned concealer which doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out after an hour of putting it on.

So on initial application the applicator is so soft. I am so happy because I’ve previously been using the Revlon concealer and although it is a good concealer the applicator is so hard and pokey, it hurts to apply and I’m not even too mad at the colouring. Even though it is a shade too dark from my usual concealers, I do have a tan and it is brightening. It doesn’t look the same colour as my foundation (or in this case cc cream, it’s a hot day and I can’t deal).

I found that this concealer was anything but brightening, if anything it did the opposite. I put this concealer on with the L’oreal true match foundation in the lightest shade and the concealer almost looked darker than it. Even after I set my foundation with beige rimmel powder and setting my eyes with the elf translucent powder I still didn’t notice any brightening effect.

So my final conclusion is, I found that this concealer was medium coverage but didn’t give the desired brightening effect that it claimed to have. On the other hand it was nice to apply and felt really nice to wear so if you are darker than me then I’m sure it would be a really nice concealer, just not for my skin tone.

Speak soon,

Hannah x



An open Letter to my Fiance.

To Riccardo,

So today is actually fathers day and I know that in an ideal world this will be written, edited and posted today we definitely don’t live in an ideal world. So I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this on the day that it is posted then I hope you had a really lovely Tuesday.

Firstly I want to say Thankyou, Thankyou for being such a caring and considerate person. Thankyou for being there for me throughout everything over the last 2 years and most of all Thankyou for sticking with me when times were tough and we had to work super duper hard for us to reach our own personal piece of bliss. I am a lucky girl to be able to wake up every day to not one but two beautiful boys ready to greet me and make it so much easier to get up in the morning.

There have been times over the last couple of years when we have both found it difficult, an unexpected pregnancy, moving 200 miles and having to create an entire life together in only a number of months and I admire you so much for being able to leave everything you had to start a life you could have no idea about. Even though we squabble like children, we will never go to bed angry and the times that you have held me for hours whilst I have been shaking and cried from anxiety attacks.

Seeing you with our son is the most heartwarming image and knowing that he loves you just as much as I do fills me with joy. I pretend to be annoyed when you’re paranoid if he’s got a temperature or glands are swollen but in reality it’s adorable. I could not imagine spending my life with anyone else and I’m grateful for you every day.

Love from,

Hannah x


Leo’s First Petting Zoo.

We have finally reached the milestone in Leo’s life which I have been most looking forward to. The  time that we can take him on days out and it feels like he’s actively enjoying himself as opposed to just pushing him around and not being interested in the slightest.

Today we went to Leo’s first petting zoo with my parents, Rico was at work so it was a nice to spend time with just us and to have days out like we used to when I was younger with Leo replacing my little brother who was at school.

When we started the day, we had all slept in and Leo had a bit of a temperate, a bloodshot eye and was so so grumpy so already I wasn’t expecting much for the day. Apparently the petting zoo that we went to was one that I had previously visited a number of times when I was younger. I love being able to take him to places that I loved (the first being the dinosaur park which I loved when I was little, there’s even a photo of me when next to one of the dinosaurs when I was 3 or 4 that we have a photo of Leo sitting next to now, it makes me so so happy.)

I really wasn’t expecting much when with the animals at the petting zoo, maybe a couple of rabbits guinea pigs and a tired looking donkey which is how It usually works out but the only word that I can actually use to describe where we went as glorious. We saw miniature ponies, goats, alpacas, pigs, emus, rabbits, snakes, turtles, meerkats and actually quite a lot more. I wouldn’t have been disappointed if they called it a zoo for babies.


The Meerkats that Leo was completely uninterested in haha.


The emus that weren’t emu’s but I’m going to call them Emus for ease that came charging at us when we saw them.


Some cute ass miniature Ponies.


The goats that had obviously been conditioned into realising if they stick their heads through the hole they get food.


Leo’s reaction to the Goats sticking their heads through the hole to get food.

So as you can see we saw a lot of animals, I didn’t actually get a lot of pictures of the rides we went on as I went on most of them with Leo but it was such a nice atmosphere because all of the activities were made for children Leo’s age up until around 6 or 7. Leo was completely infatuated with watching the train going around, slightly more intimidated when going around but he still enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland theme. It was so sweet, we also went on baby teacups ride which Leo stayed extremely straight faced about but he didn’t cry so I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it.


There was also multiple playgrounds and activities for young children and it was so sweet watching Leo become involved in everything.


The cute little sandpit Leo played in which was convenient because if Leo could sit in sand all day, he probably would.


My little Bob the Builder.


In the giant Alice in Wonderland teacupsP1010316

Crossing the rope ladder.


He went down multiple slides, so who can really complain. Today was probably one of the best days out I’ve ever had (This was actually Friday but I have all of my posts on timer so I can have time to write).

Have you been anywhere recently?

Speak soon,

Hannah x



The Man Behind the Camera.

Hello Guys,

Throughout my blog there have been two people who have taken all of the photos and if you look really carefully you can probably take a wild guess at who took which but here’s a hint. Mine are awful.

It’s not a secret that photography is a huge part of having a successful blog, it engages the audience massively and creates the illusion of being a professional and well put together website. Unfortunately I’m not the best photographer and I don’t get all of the lenses and the lighting and the professional terms. On a good day I can create an average photo if that but fortunately my fiance is passionate about photography and studied it for 2 years (I know I’m a lucky girl). So all of the nicest photos and the photos of myself and Leo were all taken by Rico.

He is a lovely, lovely person to assist my blog so frequently and finally I have convinced him to start his own photography blog so that he can keep all of his favourite pieces in one place and to be honest just show them off, I’m so proud of him and love seeing him doing something that he loves and is talented at.

Here is a link if you would like to have a little look at everything he’s put together so far.

Rico’s blog

Rico’s photography instagram

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Why I Fell Out of Love With Lipstick.

Oh, lipstick. Once upon a you would always be at the top of my wish list for birthdays and christmases but now you’re pushed the back of my vanity with barely a thought. What went wrong? I feel like I have the same reasoning for pretty much every single thing in my life (if you hate read me as I know a couple of people do then ha here you go) I became a mum. I’m not even sure that I can justify myself in saying that that’s the real reason but it definitely was the final straw.

I think that the thing that began the drastic spiral into boycotting lipstick was that liquid lipsticks became so popular (If i wear anything on my lips it will always be a liquid lipstick HAIII). Initially I actually was rather dubious and i think I put off buying one for a good few months after they released and even then it was a liquid lipstick from revolution for a pound (biggest regret, it smelt and felt like putting industrial paint on my lip which put me off for a while longer). When I could finally face buying one (I actually pushed the boat right out and bought 2) I found that I enjoyed the experience so much more. My second liquid lipsticks were the bourjois velvet lipstick. Although they weren’t transferproof and more of a cream that a liquid lipstick the pigment, long lastingness and durability spoke to my soul and I have never looked back.

So here is my list of reasons why I fell out of love with lipsticks.

  • Have you ever tried kissing a child, partner, animal or literally anything with lipstick. You end up with an odd lipstick to no lipstick ombre lip and the other person is branded with whatever cheery colour you decided to wear.
  • Lipsticks aren’t ever as pigmented so you can’t wear brighter colours. I have a couple of bright colours but they always end up as dull sloppy smears.
  • I hate the feeling when lipstick slides over your lips it makes me cringe so hard, especially when it bunches up in the corners and feels like crayons on your mouth (not that I know what Crayons taste like but you understand me).
  • I feel like with liquid lipsticks you get a lot more for your money. I have never emptied a liquid lipstick but I have had to awkwardly scrape the bottom of lipsticks out of their containers, even going so far as to melt them and reput them in pots.
  • Lipstick on teeth, I’ll say no more
  • When you accidently put the lid on a lipstick when you hadn’t put the lipstick fully down and the end resembles a felt tip that a child has smashed into the paper.

As much as I am slating them, I am always open to having my mind changed so if you can recommend your faves, I will deffo be open to trying new ones.

Speak soon,

Hannah x