My Summer Foundation Routine.

Hello my Lovelies,

Okay so back in the day when I first got into makeup and thought that the most flattering look was when your eyelashes looked like spiders legs and foundation was supposed to cover your lips, probably in like 2010, I had next to no idea about different makeup for different times of the year. I pretty much had exactly the same makeup all year round which included my OG Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in the shade 4 (exactly 3 shades to dark plz don’t hate my guys).

Luckily since then I have learned thanks to trial and error and the wonderfulness of the internet and have since learned a hell of a lot. There are so many different ways to apply for different seasons and now that summer’s fast approaching I thought I’d let you know how I apply and set my base.


Ok so first thing first priming the face. I actually use two different primers during the summer as it’s usually quite hot and I have combination skin. I use the Urban Decay Pore Perfecting complexion Primer potion for the entirety of my face from the eyebrows down and for my forehead I use the Nivea Post shave balm as I don’t really want to be using a moisturizer all over my face before priming with my combination skin and in the summer it works just right.


Lightweight Foundations are a must during Summer and I find that all of my makeup becomes lighter for the hot seasons. My favourite lightweight and day to day foundation is actually the L’Oreal True Match Foundation in the colour Golden Ivory. It’s a water based foundation with a really nice texture and coverage which works well for my skin type. Another thing about this foundation is the broad range of shades, I believe there is a massive range which range from extremely light to extremely dark which is great from a drug store brand. Another way to even out skin tone is BB and CC creams which usually work as they are more lightweight in texture. They’re not Foundations but are created to even out skin tone and give a cleaner look. A CC Cream that I enjoy is actually the Sleek CC Cream in the colour Fair which actually is SPF 29 so even better for summer. It’s not water based and feels quite thick when taking the product out of the tube but when it’s blended into the skin becomes lightweight and glowy.


A lot of High end products specialise in being full coverage, the majority of my full coverage makeup is high end and my lighter coverage is mostly drugstore so it’s not a surprise when I whack out another drugstore product for my concealer. This is actually a repurchase as I like it so much and it is the Revlon Colorstay concealer in 01 Fair. It is a really great buildable concealer which does a great job at blending out on the skin. It is a buildable concealer and another way I like to build it but not make it cakey is use the Nyx under eye colour corrector setting it with a translucent powder or finely milled powder and applying a light layer of this.


I actually mentioned this next product in the Concealer section but Powders is next. Now powder doesn’t seem that important but it’s actually up there with the most essential stages, by setting your face it stops it from moving around in the heat. I actually work in an indoor childrens play area and used to wear foundation on it’s own and it dripped down my face on the hot days. I like light powders and am going to mention the OG of all powders which is the rimmel Powder in 005 Silky Beige. I have repurchased this probably 7 or 8 times since I was at the beginning of high school many moons ago. It’s not the lightest of powders but it does it’s jobs. Another powder is the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit the powder is so so light in it and bronzer also. I’m not getting into bronzing in this post but if I was I would recommend this duo.

Setting sprays

Finally we reach the last category in this post and actually the last point. It is setting sprays. Now I actually currently own one setting spray as I am not overly bothered about them, but when I do run out I do always try a different brand. Currently I am on the final dregs of my Nyx Setting spray which is actually a repurchase (sure me, I’m a walking contradiction.) I also like to finish off my looks with the Elf Mineral mist. It’s so so refreshing and just gives you just a bit of moisture.

Okay well I hope that you have enjoyed this post and would love to hear different products that you use in Summer.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


Benefit Brow Zings 4 Review.

Hi Guys

Okay so today I have a new product which I’ve been saving for a while to do a review on. It’s the Benefit Brow Zing 4 which my Mum actually picked up at customs when they went on holiday so props to her. I wouldn’t usually try new brow products as I’ve got such a foolproof way of doing my brows with the Anastasia beverly hills Dipbrow Pomade, Nyx blush in the colour taupe and L’oreal brow gel, so cheers mama.

I actually used to use the Benefit ‘Big Beautiful Eyes’ Palette for my eyebrows from about the ages of 13-16 so I already love their products and the whole line of all of their eyebrow products are so cute. They look expensive and worth the money which is good because some products rely on the brand name to be able to sell expensive products and don’t actually try and make it high quality (sorry MAC I still love ya).



So opening the product there is a wax, powder, tweezers and a brush which opens to become double sided which is a cool idea. Usually I would use a more neutral colour for the powder but I can try a warmer brow, let’s be adventurous.


Okay so applying is odd because I’m not used to using brushes like that I either use the Morphe Eyebrow Brush or Urban Decay and pair it with the Morphe Eyeliner brush. and this is not as dense. I also don’t see a point for the rounded brush as I’d use a more sharper brush.

I actually really like the wax and will probably bring it into my routine. For some reason my ABH dipbrow pomade has done something funky and is more like a cream but I still use it and it actually works but the wax is so different I’m able to create hair like strokes which I can’t do with the Pomade as it’s too thick. For my personal taste the wax and the powder is too similar in colour as I like to use the powder as a gradual effect and it’s more difficult to do that but as the wax is thicker you are able to make a much cleaner look. I really actually quite like it. All in all it’s a great concept and the whole line is practical and pretty. I will probably be incorporating this into my rotating routine and could even slide it’s way into my day to day.

What’s your favourite eyebrow Product?

Speak soon,

Hannah x

My Baby Is Crawling.

Hello my lovelies,

So I am probably known for creating blogs which miss the mark ever so slightly but when you’re a parent every ooh and aww seem like a sentence and every accidental reach too far is definitely a crawl but I have 100% proof that you cannot fault at all.

Okay so Leo is definitely crawling, not confidently and still kind of army shuffling his way along but he is getting from point A to Point B when he wants to. I was actually quite shocked when he decided he was ready because he’s only 5 months and on all of the websites it says babies usually start crawling at 6-9 months on average but he is such a strong baby it’s insane. Even the health visitor, who used to come over she said how strong he was when he had his heel prick. She couldn’t keep his foot still when she tried to get a sample.

I’m going off topic but I’m super duper proud and also really pleased for him as he always wants to be active and mobile but can’t without me so gets really agitated when he’s been put down.

I stopped doing my month by month update because he’s just smashing these milestones so quickly I can’t keep up and I’m enjoying just living in the moment which I know is the exact opposite of everything I have said for months.

Here’s a little video of Leo crawling.


Speak soon,

Hannah x

Let’s Get to Know Each Other.

Hi guys,

So I’ve been missing in action for the past few days, it’s been a hectic easter and to tell you the truth I’ve actually felt a bit down in the dumps and tired so haven’t been able to write any blog posts so I thought I’d take this moment to give you links to all of my other social media as I use them frequently so even though I’m not blogging you still get updates if you’re even bothered.

I’d love for us to be able to contact more so if you’ve got any of these social medias then please leave your username or links in the comments because I’d love to follow you back.

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I genuinely would love to make some new friends.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


Top 10 Makeup Of The Day’s Photo Compilation.

Hi guys,

Okay, So I have been excited to do this blog post for a couple of weeks now and finally finished my 10th makeup look so decided to compile them into one big old blog post with links to each individual blog post.

Okay so I started documenting my makeup looks when I reached 100 followers on my blog and it was around new years. It was my new Years Resolution to become more confident in myself and more adventurous with my makeup and you can really tell how I started to build my self worth.

I have never been confident with the way I look and have relied on wearing skimpy clothes and having an adventurous dress sense for attention but since Leo has been bored I put on a lot of weight and felt my confidence completely diminish. Having always had confidence issues I have relied on attention and compliments from other people to make me feel some sort of self worth but I decided I was going to do it for myself.

It was actually one of the reasons I started my blog, I wanted to be able to document my progress and to build something that I could be completely proud of having done myself but improving my makeup skills gave me the satisfaction that I used to receive from other people. Having something that I am now passionate about has made me love myself as opposed to liking myself from other people loving me. It’s a weird one but it makes sense in my head.

You can actually see the confidence growing through my blog posts as I found it difficult to even take full face photos.

So let’s begin.

MOTD 1: 100 Followers Warm Brown Cut crease

motd 1.jpg

MOTD 2: Quick Purple Eye Look

motd 2 .jpg

MOTD 3: Cool Toned Eye Look:

motd 3.jpg

MOTD 4: Orange Smokey Eye 

motd 4.jpg

MOTD 5: Modern Renaissance Pink Cut Crease 

motd 5

MOTD 6: Urban Decay Full Spectrum First Impression Look

motd 6.jpg

MOTD 7: Green Lips

motd 7

MOTD 8: Violet Voss Holy Grail First Impression look

motd 8

MOTD 9: Mothers Day, Day Look

motd 9

MOTD 10: Anastasia Beverly Hills Metallic Liquid Lipstick


I am going to continue to document my new blog posts as I really enjoy watching my own progress, even though it may not look like a lot, the small differences really really mean a lot.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

MOTD 10: Anastasia Beverly Hills Metalic Lipstick

Hello my lovelies,

So today I tested out a new product which I was very excited about, it’s the Anastasia Beverly hills liquid lipsticks which have extremely recently been added to their UK store. It is a product which I have wanted to try for a long long time but unfortunately Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty and their own website have only stocked eyebrow products, brushes, lipglosses and highlight palettes but I’m not going to get too much into that as I plan on doing a swatch and review on this shade and the other which I purchased so here is the look that I came up with.


What I used


Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Primer, Nivea Men Post Shave Balm for the Forehead, L’Oreal True Match Foundation in 1.D/1.W Golden Ivory, Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW10, Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour kit (highlight powder for setting face) Nyx Blush in taupe for contour, Nyx Illuminator Enigmatic.


Mac Studio Finish Concealer to prime, Two Faced Sweet Peached Palette White Peach to set the lid, Morphe 35K for the look, Nyx Matte Liquid Liner in Black, Ebay Eyelashes, Duo Eyelash Glue, ABH dipbrow pomade in Chocolate for the tail and mid section of the brow, Nyx blush in Taupe for the front Portion, L’oreal Brow Plumper, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Requiem

I hope you have enjoyed this look. I tried to keep the eyes quite simple as the lip was so bold but I think it looks quite nice. What’s your favourite liquid Lipstick?

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Babies First Word (kinda)

When people talk about their children’s first words, more often than not they’re so sure and assertive as to where, when and what the word was and to be brutally honest I was fully expecting to be one of those. I’ve always scolded my mum for having no clue what our first word was or when but I completely understand now. What constitutes as a baby’s first word? Is it just when they make a noise or when they understand what they’re saying?

I am an optimist so I am going to take this awkward bundle of noises that my son is now saying as his first word even though I would love to swear against him saying ‘Dada’ before ‘Mumma’ but hey-ho, kids will never do what you want. What makes it even cuter is that Leo has both of his bottom teeth coming through so it’s a lispy, dribbly mess. I’ve even managed to include a cute little video.


To celebrate the weather and this huge milestone, we decided to go to the park. I actually only discovered this part a couple of days ago but I am so pleased that we now have a gorgeous little baby park less than 5 minutes away from our flat so that I can take him out easily during the week when Rico is at work because I’m sometimes a bit dubious about taking him out and about on my own because it’s so much hassle with the stairs to our flat but I can just strap him into the baby carrier and take a bottle in my bag and we’ll be fun.

I’m so pleased it’s beautiful weather because Leo is now able to get out of his pram without being bundled in 30 layers or hats, scarves, coats and blankets and can be more mobile outside of the flat which he really loves.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Babies First: Trip to the Beach.

Hi guys,

So by now you’re probably really bored of my babies first series but to tell you the truth these are my favourite blogs that I have written so far. I am able to look back and see all of Leo’s firsts in detail and recall the emotion that I felt at the time as opposed to just a fleeting ‘oh yeah’ that happened.

So Yesterday I had a super exciting Babies first, it was his first trip to the beach. Now ever since I first found out I was pregnant I have been super excited to just take him to the beach and let him touch the sand watch the colours of the funfairs that regularly follow the coasts or even having a family to sit on the beach with a big old portion of fish and chips.

So when the opportunity to go to Yarmouth arose of course I had to chase it. To be honest we live so close to the coast I really don’t know why it took us so long to take him because he loved every single thing about it. We decided to baby wear (ended up being a great choice) as with 8 of us in the car we couldn’t fit a pram in but it gave him the opportunity take everything in. He loved being held above the waves and running back when they fled up the sand. He loved jumping on the dry sand and watching it kick up into a dust cloud and he absolutely loved looking at all of the lights and colours as we walked through the funfair.

Here are some snaps we took during the day.


For a 5 month old (5 month update coming tomorrow, sorry always late) he always wants to be involved and knowing what’s going on which has helped him develop his fine and gross motor skills as he is motivated to grab things and hold himself up. All in all it was a success and I had a wonderful time with my lovely family.

If you want to read Leo’s other Babies firsts then I will leave links to all of the other ones down below.

Babies First Snow Day.

Babies first Injections.

Babies First Tooth(ish).

Babies First train journey.

Speak soon,

Hannah x

Being a Multi-Tasking Mum.

When you find out you’re pregnant, I can guarantee you that one of the first things that comes into your mind will not be ‘how will I be able to ever drink a drink fast enough for it to stay hot within the next 18 years of my life’ but I can guarantee you that it should be up there.

Having a baby is a wonderful, wonderful thing and something that I would not change in a heartbeat but being able to sit down at a table with a plate and use both a knife and a fork without having a child dipping their hands into my baked beans is something I crave on an almost daily basis. Fortunately we have literally just bought Leo a high chair (Thankyou Argos clearance sale) and he seems to like it more than any bouncer that he’s ever had as he’s sitting upright and can reach all of his toys. But up until this point I have had to really, really change my way of doing pretty much everything in my life.

Between the ages of about 2 and 4 months Leo refused to be put down for more than 30 seconds at a time before wailing until he was picked up, I literally cannot tell you how many times I had to wee with a baby over my shoulder, it was a pitiful existence but here are some tips of how I made my life easier for other mummies or curious people out there.

  • As leo was napping every few hours for about half an hour or so it was my ideal time to do pretty much everything that I needed to do in my life. Unfortunately for me he is the lightest sleeper in the world so where he drops he has to stay so to make my life easier I moved my dressing table into the living room. So he would nap on the sofa and I could do my makeup with him in my immediate eyesight.
  • Baby wearing became a huge part of every single day life, it was easy to do some jobs including light cleaning, the washing up and hanging the washing up (don’t do anything including being on the floor or having to go near the floor because your knees will break and you’ll have butt for days).
  • Babies go through clingy stages, it is to be expected. They’re little and confused and just want to stay with their mums until they can crawl or distract themselves so eating with babies is pretty essential for some people. I have learned to eat with Leo on one of my knees and to move the plate as far in the opposite direction as I can so he can’t touch it. To make it even more impressive I’ve included a photo holding Leo while I was eating a plate with chopsticks. I was so proud of myself.
  • A number of my blog posts have actually been written with Leo sitting on my lap whacking the keys with similar ferocity to myself and then after I finish I have gone back and corrected all of the extra letters that he managed to put in. I don’t know why but pressing the keys really is his favourite thing to do, maybe because he sees me do it and wants to be the same but it is ever so sweet, especially when he falls asleep hitting the keys.

Remember having a baby is not about hitting milestones and making sure they are doing everything they need to, it’s about doing the best for your child and helping to nurture them to reach their personal best. If they are super independant from the get go then great, if they need conformation and cuddles for months and months amazing.

Speak soon,

Hannah x